This was the starting point. Now the food stall is the best room in Maya Vardeberg

This was the starting point.  Now the food stall is the best room in Maya Vardeberg

The food stall is decorated like an old colonial style.

This is what the food stall looked like before it was renovated.
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Mit Favoritrum: The food stall was ready for Easter. It is now used for food storage and for peace and quiet. – The basement is the last thing we renovated. That’s why it’s a favorite now.

from what where: Maya Kristen Bratten Vardeberg, m_a_y_a_f_l_y_f_l_y on Instagram, Ringsaker

Our raw vault: Vardeberg lives in a log house dating from 1890. The basement was a typical raw basement from the end of the 19th century. I have always liked the 120 cm thick walls and the rough wooden beams on the ceiling.

The food stall was painted, the floor was tiled and shelves were built in its place.

Much has changed: Vardeberg painted all the walls a light blue. The walls are painted with foundation paint and the ceiling with white linseed oil paint. Her husband, a hobby carpenter, built antique shelving, carved details, and arches. Floor tiles were laid directly on the concrete floor.

– What I like the most about the room is that it gives us the feel of an old country store. Sometimes we have breakfast here. It’s cozy with thick brick walls and candles on the table.

special design: The lamp above the table is made from an old milk filter and part of a paraffin lamp. Most of the decors are recycled materials, customized and bundled together.

Searching for ancient treasures: Its style is old fashioned and rustic. Vardeberg finds old things and objects in slightly different places. Mainly in Finn, but also the annual and second-hand antiques exhibition of the Viking ship in Hamar. She found something in her parents who live on a small farm.

The place to be: – I really like sitting here and enjoying myself and looking around. We stock canned goods, dry goods, and foods that shouldn’t be left in the fridge. It’s a little cooler than it is at home, but not the temperature of the refrigerator.

Vardeberg’s tips for standout rustic style:

  • It is preferable to use raw wood. Glass and steel don’t go well with the old fashioned. It quickly becomes modern and cool.
  • Rustic and cozy are important keywords when decorating.
  • The joint thread becomes normal. It’s just putting together what fits together.
  • We choose colors based on what we like and find at home. Follow your own way. Do not think about what is modern, what others have and what they like.

Finn and Shepstead newspapers are in the same group.

Vardeberg likes to sit in the food stall without errands.
The thickness of the walls is 120 cm. appears on the edge of the window. The room is 12 square meters large.
The lamp is made of, among other things, a milk filter and parts of a paraffin lamp.
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