Increased investment in art in public space in Møre og Romsdal –

Increased investment in art in public space in Møre og Romsdal -

Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter (MRK) will increase efficiency around art and its use in public spaces. This is one of the key areas of focus in our Strategic Plan for 2021-25 approved at the Annual Meeting on April 17 this year. We invite the county municipality, municipalities and private developers in More og Romsdal to participate in such an initiative.

Investing in identity

Visual artist Karin Augusta Nogva from Alesund slides at Sunnmørsposten 05.21.07:

“What would Oslo be without Vigelandsparken, Paris without the Eiffel Tower, the northernmost point in Norway, the North Cape without the globe and Rjukan without the mirror of the sun. We have many examples of art as an identity sign for the city. This is why art is an investment. The artists who perform this work are a professional group with a long education, a very special competence and knowledge to develop new concepts that evoke commitment, emotion and provide thought. It must be sustainable over time and stand up to generations.”.

State-sponsored technical projects

KORO is the governmental professional body for the arts in public spaces, and is organized as a government agency under the Ministry of Culture. Koru directs, produces and finances art in public spaces throughout Norway. In addition, KORO has missions as a national knowledge center in this field. KORO will ensure that as many people as possible encounter a variety of high-quality arts in buildings and public spaces.

KORO’s work will also contribute to the development of contemporary art and provide artists with assignments and income.

KORO can contribute grants and expertise to local and regional technical projects.

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Consistentrin’s role

MRK and most other regional art centers in Norway advise and assist municipalities and county municipalities in regional and local decoration projects. MRK is part of a network of 15 art centers across the country. Art centers play the role of advisor, commissioner and linker for quality assurance in local and regional art projects in the public space.

Efficiency and assistance from MRK

The MRK Board of Directors will increase investment in art in the public space in Møre og Romsdal in the coming years. Together with our owners, the visual artists of More og Romsdal (BKMR) and Norwegian Craftsmen of Central Norway (NKM), we will contribute expertise that guarantees high quality and good results in local and regional decor and art projects across the county.

The county municipality joins the team

MRK emphasized the importance of increasing investment in art in public space in our contribution to the work of the County Municipality of More og Romsdal with the County Strategy for Culture 2021-2024, Professional Art and Cultural Outreach Branch. MRK has also applied to the county municipality for increased resources to enhance the capacity and efficiency of MRK to be able to contribute to such an initiative.

New Year’s Conference

In 2022, MRK will invite employees and politicians in the county and municipality of Møre og Romsdal, as well as private developers, to a conference with art in public space as the theme. Here we will provide good and inspiring examples, give advice on how to proceed with a decorating project, and invite a discussion about why and how to invest more in this area in Moore og Romsdal.

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Art, culture and business development

Art and culture are important carriers of history. Art and culture create jobs, tourism and generate capital for society. Art and culture increase the quality of life and enhance the identity of the population nationally, regionally and locally.

We invite the municipality of Møre og Romsdal County, the municipalities of Møre og Romsdal and private developers to participate in increasing investment in art in public space around the entire county in the coming years.

Board of Directors of Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter (MRK)

Council of Plastic Artists Moore og Romsdal (BKMR)

Norwegian Craftsmen Council Central Norway (NKM)

The MRK Board of Directors consists of:

Beer Helge Malvik (Chairman)

Randy Walderhaug Friesfull

Therese Longfa (Vice President)

Lizette Escobar

Daughter of Eric Myhrvold

Dalila Awolowo

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