– Would you like to make more points – VG

- Would you like to make more points - VG
Back: Tommy Fleetwood and Victor Hovland with Captain Pádraig Harrington (right). Europe is looking badly for the first day of the Ryder Cup.

(US-Europe 6-2) Victor Hovland (24) and Tommy Fleetwood (30) missed their game, and Europe had a strong start in the Ryder Cup against the United States.


– It was unreal. I wanted a little more points, but I don’t think I could have more fun than I had with Tommy. Hopefully we get a chance to correct the score tomorrow, says Hovland after his Ryder Cup debut at the press conference.

The United States is in the lead 6-2 after the first day of the three. The first team 14.5 points wins. Europe’s opening day is the worst since 2004, when Europe took the lead with a score of 6.5 against 1.5 in the United States.

– We could go back 6-2, says European Rory McIlroy.

It’s the best opening day for the United States since 1975, when they took a 6.5-1.5 lead against Great Britain/Ireland (before all of Europe became part of the Ryder Cup in 1979).

I’m very proud of the team, but the job isn’t over yet and there’s a lot of golf left. We must not lose focus, says Bryson DeChambeau from the US.

It looked bright for Hovland/Fleetwood in the four-way games – everyone plays with the ball, but only the team’s best scoreline counts – in late Norwegian time. The duo made two early birds and were three against American Thomas/Cantelay. The highlight was a beautiful chip in the cup from Hovland on the fourth hole.

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But Hovland/Fleetwood lost breathing space.

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– We had some bad holes in the middle of the road, Hovland says in a lightning fast news conference.

This happened because the American pairs Johnson/Schauffele and Finau/English were more and more superior to Casey/Wiesberger and McIlroy/Lowry, respectively.

Cantlay/Thomas won on holes 9 and 12, and was only one before the last six holes. With an impressive eagle on hole 16, Thomas tied the lead in favor of the United States. It ended up being the same and they shared the points.

– It was a very good match. We would have loved to win, but… I had a great match with Victor. Fleetwood says he played very well.

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World number one John Ram and partner Terrell Hatton saved the tie against Dechambeau/Scheffler on the 18th hole in the Wisconsin winds, thanks to Hatton.

– There was a lot of wind. Neither of us played golf the best, says Ram.

I had a good partner and enjoyed myself every minute. We are a good team and we will dominate, she says USA Bryson DeShampoo.

This is how the four ball games ended on Friday:

  • Casey / Weisberger (Europe) Death of Johnson / Shevely (USA): USA won – 1 point
  • Ram/Hatton (Europe) vs. DeChambeau/Scheffler (US): Equals – 0.5 points each
  • McIlroy/Lowry (Europe) vs. Fino/English (US): USA wind
  • Fleetwood / Hovland (Europe) vs Thomas / Cantlay (USA): Equals – 0.5 points each

– The momentum is great. Also with fans. We never looked back. It’s incredible how much momentum has to say, says Tony Finno of the US.

Took Friday earlier USA leads 3-1 after four-way matches, where players hit every other stroke:

  • Camp 1: Garcia/Ram (Europe) vs. Spith/Thomas (USA): Europe won
  • Camp 2: Casey / Hovland (Europe) – Johnson / Morikawa (US): USA wind
  • 3 . campWestwood / Fitzpatrick (Europe) vs Berger / Koepka (US): USA wind
  • Camp 4: McIlroy / Poulter (Europe) – Cantlay / Shaveli (USA).: vent USA

Discovery expert Henrik Bjørnstad said of Hovland at the time that Victor had every reason to be proud of his debut.

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From 2 p.m. on Saturday, a new round of quadruple and quadruple matches await. Hovland plays Bernd Weisberger in a foursome. Captain Europe Bader Harrington said early The week it was clear That Hovland could play all five games.

Sunday is a singles game. In the match game, which is used in the Ryder Cup, points are counted in the number of wins on individual holes in the round – not in the number of strokes used in the total in the round, as in “normal” golf.

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