– Incredibly cool – VG

– Incredibly cool – VG
DUEL: Nate and Cengiz had to meet at a dance duel tonight.

Four pairs competed for a place in the “Do We Dance: All Stars” semi-finals. Tonight Nate and Nadia went out.


It feels incredibly awkward, says Nate about his exclusion from the competition.

I had one goal when I answered yes, and it wasn’t to become a better player, but to become a better dancer. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip with Nadia.

Nate tells VG that things are going well.

– it is what it is. Isn’t that what they say? You did well. It’s embarrassing that she doesn’t do the last dance with Nadia, but it’s a competition and someone has to go home. Now we are.

Nathan “Nate” Kahongo and Nadia Khametskaya are out, so shall we dance “Shall We Dance”.

After the first votes were counted, Cengiz Al and his partner Rikke Lund had to go out in a dance duel against Nate Kahungu and substitute Mai Mentzoni.

It was professional dancer Mai Minzoni who stepped in as Nate’s dance partner during the evening’s live broadcast, following his usual dance partner. Nadia Khametskaya injured herself in training. Montzoni danced with Judge Morten Hegseth when he danced in 2018.

“It’s really the craziest thing, about the whole day, to finish fourth in a season like this, it’s an achievement we’re so proud of, and it’s also so sad that our journey ends with us not being able to dance together,” Nadia says worried on the phone to VG.

But I’m very proud of Nate, both this week with the way he handled my injury and how well he’s been able to do well with May today, and of course all season. I am proud and grateful.

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First dance duel

– Cengiz said it was very painful and difficult, not fun, about his participation in a dance duel against Nate.

This was Genghis’ first dance duel, while Nate had been in a duel before.

Alexander Hetland and his dance partner Helen Spelling, Jürgen Massa Vasstrand and dance partner Santino Merina qualified directly to the semi-finals.

“For me, Genghis is perhaps the most complete dancer,” said Judge Trine Dihley Cliff, after the duel.

The three judges said they wanted to see Cengiz move forward.

Judges Trane Dehli Cliff, Morten Hegseth, and Meriti Lingiardi.

There was a Halloween atmosphere at Shall We Dance tonight, and the judges were dressed in spooky robes, raven wings, devil horns, and dancing zombies twinkling on the floor.

Alexander Hetland admitted early in the broadcast that it was intense to qualify for the quarter-finals.

– He said before the third husband took the earth – I dig it, it’s a real stress, I love it.

After everyone danced a dance, it was time for the duo.

Couples will dance two by two. Competitors must cooperate.

– There will be an additional challenge, a change in the program. Judge Hegseth said before the duo that it would be interesting to see how they take advantage of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

When the duo is over, viewers will vote.

Rumba: Alexander Hetland and Helen Spelling.

All about tonight’s dancers:

Alexander Hetland and Helen Spelling dance rumba to Britney Spears’ “Toxic”.

The judge was impressed.

Fireworks, that was good! Morten Hegseth says.

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– There should be an age limit for this, he adds.

Train Daily Cliff thinks the stone is good and full of hardness, damn it is too rough.

– Tough butt. I am very impressed. Alexander, you have signed up, you have joined, says the judge after the dance.

Judge’s Score: 27

Tango: Genghis Al and Ricky Lund.

Genghis Al and Ricky Lund tango to “In Your Eyes” by Robin Schultz and Alida.

The Daily Cliff exclaimed after the tango:

– I’m pretty sure the whole Dansenorge is very happy – I made a totally authentic Tango Contest, and for you no background. She says it shouldn’t be possible- I was very touched.

Sharpe, judges Merritt Lingiardi thought.

– You progress again, stay in character, you are a great musician. Once again “straight to the point”.

Judge’s Score: 29

Slovaks: Nathan “Nate” Kahongo and Mai Montzoni.

Nathan “Nate” Kahongo and Mai Montzoni dance a slow dance to “Ghost Town” with Benson Boone.

She is very beautiful Trien Dehli Cliff.

– The show must go on, I took on this challenge with a new partner, in a very beautiful and elegant slow motion. Just lose more weight on the floor. Lingjærde said he is the glue between movements.

Morten liked her very much.

– It doesn’t seem difficult, but it’s very technically demanding, we know Mai who did and did it.

Judge’s Score: 27

Argentine Tango: Yorgini Fasstrand and Santino Merina.

Jorgen Massa Vasstrand and Santino Merina dance the Argentine Tango to the tunes of “Zeti e Boni” for Menskin.

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There was full and warm applause after the couple’s tango. The hall stood. Jurgen cried.

Fy f … sounded from the microphone to Hegseth, who had to get off his jacket:

– This is the most dangerous thing I’ve seen in my life.

Traditionally, the Argentine tango is more delicate for her, says Train Daily Cliff. This tango wasn’t sensual, but she enjoyed it. She did.

Lingjærde was taking off from the ground.

– It’s the best thing I’ve seen, your legs like a heap on the floor, Jurgen, that was so magical, simply put, Hallelujah!

Judging points: 30

Double Dance: Couples Alexander Hetland and Helen Spelling with Nathan “Nate” Kahongo and Mai Montzoni.

Alexander, Helen/Nate and May dance to “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish.

Morten Hegseth talks about the best men in the country, and says he really enjoyed himself.

“You’re so good at playing to each other’s qualities, you got it flowing, nice formation, and a good show,” says Train Daily Cliff.

Judge Merete Lingjærde thought they were playing as a team, but they didn’t explode on the floor. But it’s well executed and well entertained, she says.

Judge’s Score: 26

DUET: Couples Jørgine Vasstrand and Santino Mirenna with Cengiz Al and Rikke Lund.

Jurgen and Santino/Caggis and Ricky dance to Shakira’s “Hey Wolf”.

“It’s part of a group, I just sit back and enjoy a nice dance,” says Merritt Lingerdi, who thinks they match each other, even if it’s a little bit about lobsters and canaries.

Hegest is much more positive. I like this mix.

– You are good on your own and perfect together. Like steak and barneys, Hegseth says.

Judge’s Score: 25

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