Industry, news | Kongsberg Innovation invests millions in battery companies

Industry, news |  Kongsberg Innovation invests millions in battery companies

Nordic Batteries is an exciting company that develops and manufactures battery packs and power systems, designed for industrial use. The company is one of many technology companies that we invest in Kongsberg Pre-Såkorn . Fundsays Svein-Olav Torø, Managing Director of Kongsberg Innovation.

– We have followed the positive development of the company and we look forward to continuing to develop and assist the company. On the way forward, we will contribute to business development and the creation of new industrial networks and opportunities, says Toro.

Nordic Battery has offices in Kongsberg and Høvik. They work closely with Kongsberg Electronics and ZEM AS in the production and development of battery packs. ZEM AS, with Volvo Penta as the main shareholder, develops and sells battery systems for the marine industry.

Facts about Kongsberg innovation

  • Kongsberg innovation It is an industrial incubator and investment fund operating throughout Norway.
  • The company assists Norwegian technology companies and advances industrial cooperation as well-established industry contributes technical expertise to ensure the company’s rapid development.
  • In recent years, Kongsberg Innovation has gained a strong position in the industrial environment. at the national and international levels. Closely linked to Europe’s leading innovation environments, which contribute to the expansion of Norwegian technology and industry.
  • Kongsberg Innovation is facilitated by the Kongsberg Group, an industry-driven national competence group made up of a number of partners from many industries.
  • Kongsberg Innovation is owned by Kongsberg Gruppen, TechnipFMC, Equinor, Kongsberg Automotive, Siemens Energy, Semcon, KIWA, Norwegian Business School BI, Vardar and SIVA.

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Kongsberg Electronics is also betting

At the same time as the investment from Kongsberg innovation, the cooperation partner Kongsberg Electronics and employees enter with capital.

Kongsberg Electronics cooperates with Nordic Batteries in the development and production of new battery solutions. We see the investment as an exciting opportunity to contribute to industrial construction in Kongsberg and to contribute to a green transformation using new technology.

-This will create new jobs in the region, both in our company and in North Batteries, says Kay Mikkarlsen, General Manager of Kongsberg Electronics.

The company has created a huge curiosity and interest among many players in the industry who want to use their products. He says the thing that led to strong growth in demand.

Facts About Kongsberg Electronics AS

  • The company was founded in 2004 by people with backgrounds from Kitron Kongsberg and Kongsberg Gruppen. The background was to create a business that would satisfy the need for production in the Kongsberg region.
  • Kongsberg Electronics has become a recognized competent center in the production and manufacture of electromechanical assemblies.
  • The company has a wide range of clients in the defense, marine, offshore and onshore industries. The company has entered into cooperation agreements with subcontractors to be a complete supplier in many fields.

– Proud and happy

We have reached all of our targets for the first half of this year, says Jarle Gjøsæther, CEO of Nordic Binders.

With a foundation in development and access to the latest battery technology, and to ensure further investment, we have issued an issue to existing and new contributors. We are proud and pleased to have both Kongsberg Innovation and Kongsberg Electronics as active industrial owners. This will help accelerate our investment in the future, says Gjøsæther.

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Facts about North batteries

  • North batteries Supplying battery packs and power systems to various industries. The company has headquarters in Kongsberg and Høvik.
  • Battery systems incorporate container control and operation software with intelligent planning for optimal energy use at all levels.
  • Through its Industry 4.0 initiative, Nordic Batteries will provide battery solutions tailored to the green transition of the future.

Accelerate the growth of the battery market

By collaborating with ZEM, Nordic Batteries has already received early joint assignments to deliver shipping containers to Volvo CE as part of its commitment to zero-emissions construction sites. Nordic Binders has already delivered the first containers and has secured another 14 containers for delivery at the beginning of 2023.

Together with ZEM and Kongsberg Innovation, Nordic Binders have taken the initiative of the “BATNET” (Norwegian Battery Packing Network) project. The consortium was awarded 70 million through the Grønn Plattform Program and its main objective was to secure Norway’s position in the global battery value chain and to increase the pace of change in the green transition.

At BATNET, Nordic Batteries cooperates with Norwegian battery cell companies ferry And the Beyond on developing and producing battery packs.

new production line

We are in full swing in expanding operations to meet the growing order book. As part of this development, we work closely with the Kongsberg Klyngen federation all the time Green Platform Project – BATNET and preparing to build a new production line in Kongsberg, says Gjøsæther.

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It will create new jobs in Kongsberg.

Thus, Nordic Batteries is ready for new investment rounds and initially expects to raise between 30 and 50 million NOK for further investment. The funds will be used to lay the foundations for increased production and for further growth, both internationally and in Norway.

– Through the BATNET project, we get an opportunity to develop and strengthen the expertise of batteries in many fields and within advanced production and computer technology.

– This is absolutely necessary to be able to keep pace with international competition and ensure a new industry that opens more new business opportunities in Norway, says Gjøsæther and concludes; The future is electric.

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