Ingebrigtsen could become the greatest of all time – experts fear two things – VG

Ingebrigtsen could become the greatest of all time - experts fear two things - VG
Phenomenon: Jacob Ingbrigtsen is the best Norwegian to ever feature in the news. Experts believe he could still be the greatest internationally.

MÜNCHEN (VG) Experts predict that Jakob Ingebrigtsen, 21, will be one of all-time middle-distance runners. The only thing they think can prevent him is injury trouble and stimulation.


Jacob Ingbrigtsen wins EC gold at Both are 1500 and the 5,000m in Munich – as he did in 2018. In 2021, he won the Olympic gold in the 1,500m, while at the World Cup in the US earlier this summer, he won the gold in the 5,000m and silver in the 1,500m.

Kathal Dennehy, who follows British athletics closely and writes for The Independent, among others, believes Ingebrigtsen can be on top as long as motivation and body allow it.

We’ve seen these days that it’s possible to get to the top well in the 30s, but I don’t think that’s going to happen with Jacob because he’s been so hard to train for so long already. I think its peak will come in two or three years, Dennehy tells VG.

Ingebrigtsen VG promised on Thursday that the motivation is top notch.

– For me it is not difficult to motivate myself, because this is very important and I have worked hard all my life for running. It’s fun feeling mastered, measuring my strength against the best in the world and seeing how well I’m doing, Jakob Ingebrigtsen said.

– Can you imagine that you might suddenly feel bored?

Not all of a sudden, but of course there comes a point in everyone’s life and everyone’s things where you feel you’ve reached what you are capable of. For my part, I think it’s exciting to see how good I can become. Then you have to see the day you feel sluggish, you’re probably going to stand up a bit. Ingebrigtsen answered, but I chose to believe that there was still some time.

This is 1500 million times better than ever.

The following tournaments are the World Cup in Budapest 2023, the European Commission in Rome 2024 and the Olympics in Paris 2024.

Dennehy believes Ingebrigtsen could chase the world record in the 1500m – 3:26.00 set by Hicham El Guerrouj – in a year when there aren’t many championships. But at the same time, he predicted that the Norwegian would be more dominant in the 5,000m than the 1,500m in the tournament.

Golden Boy: Jacob Ingbrigtsen has a solid prize pool. Here after 5,000 meters he went in the box.

“My opinion is that he won’t lose the 5000m for many years if he’s healthy and doesn’t get tired – because he’s too strong aerobic at the moment to lose the others before the last 400m and he has a strong finish to the championship,” says the 5000m specialist Dennehy

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At the moment, the writer believes that it is too early to place Ingebrigtsen next to the legends El Guerrouj or Sebastian Coe.

– Due to the fact that he has not set any outdoor world records or defended an Olympic gold, but with another title in Budapest and one or two Olympic golds in Paris, he is among the best of all time.

Athletics journalist Jonathan Gault, writing for Let’s Run magazine, believes Ingebrigtsen is the favorite to win the WC gold medal in the 1500 and 5000 meters in Budapest next year. This year, Ingbrigtsen was beaten by the British Jake Whiteman in the 1500m.

– I think it is possible that Jacob can continue at his current level until 2028, but I would be surprised if he can stay at that level much later, says American athletics journalist Jonathan Gault, writing in Let’s Run, to VG.

Gault believes that we can consider Ingebrigtsen one of the greatest clubs of all time if the recent two-time European champion continues to claim his medals until 2028. However, there are teams at sea:

There are many factors working against it, says Gault, who continues:

Journalist: – I think he will win a number of gold medals between now and 2028 and possibly break some world records, Jonathan Gault tells VG.

Will he still have the drive to travel more than 200 days a year to training camps and push his body the way it needs to be the best in the world? It is also possible that he will suffer an injury at some point in the next seven years.

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Gault, like Katal Dennehy, believes that Ingebrigtsen has not reached the same level as Krug and Koi yet, largely due to the Norwegian’s young age.

These men and other legends in the sport have managed to accumulate years of accomplishments at the top of the sport. But Jacob is only 21 years old. I expect that if we had this conversation in 2028, he would compare them very favorably. He is very talented.

Cheer: Jacob Ingbrigtsen was able to cheer for gold after finishing the 1500m on Thursday.

Anders Hon Munsen, the blogger behind the site Athletics 1 And the journalist, he answers firmly when VG asks him if Jakob Ingebrigtsen can become the middle-distance runner of all time.

– yes. can be.

– He still has a long way to go (as the greatest of all), but there is no indication that he can’t become.

Older brother and coach Henrik Ingebrigtsen said the following The younger brother’s motive towards VG:

– We’ve talked about the very heavy burden of being abroad and traveling a lot. It’s a question of how many years it can take, Big Brother said after Thursday’s gold race.

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