Ingrid Christiansen lashes out after Henrik Ingebrigtsen kept Crystal's illness hidden from the guild

Ingrid Christiansen lashes out after Henrik Ingebrigtsen kept Crystal's illness hidden from the guild

Henrik Ingebrigtsen (with glasses, center) during the 5000m race in Rome. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

Ingrid Christiansen (68 years old) was surprised that Henrik Ingebrigtsen (33 years old) did not report his own problems to the administration to the European Commission.

– Henrik has achieved a lot in his career. “If I were him and knew I couldn't assert myself and not be 100 percent, I would have stopped,” says former top runner Ingrid Christiansen.

  • After Saturday's 5,000m race at the European Championships, Henrik Ingebrigtsen revealed he struggled Crystal disease Since winter. He was No. 25 with a time of 13:52.71. Little brother Jacob won.
  • The next day, Erlend Slokvik, head of sport at the Athletics Federation, said Aftenposten That it was completely unknown to him – even though there were rules that all illnesses and injuries must be reported.
  • It has been a tough battle for Norway's place in the European Commission. Awet Kibrab was canceled in favor of Henrik Ingebrigtsen. Kubrab competed in the half marathon on Sunday but broke the race.
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Transparency is the first commandment. If you're not healthy, you won't stand up, Christiansen says.

– In the men's category in Norway, there are many beginners who are doing their best to reach the championship. If Henrik wasn't healthy enough to join, I think he should have given the opportunity to those who appeared to be healthy.

Ingrid Christiansen
Ingrid Christiansen

One of the best Norwegian runners of all time, he won a gold medal at the World and European Commission Championships in the 10,000 metres.

– What do you think about the Norwegian Athletics Federation not notifying the disease?

– The Norwegian Athletics Federation is trying to do the best for everyone, so I understand that they are surprised by that. Henrik should have said he had crystal disease. It was only fair that we talk about it.

Erlend Slokvik
Erlend Slokvik

Sports director at the Athletics Federation.

Sporting director Erlend Slokovic will not say much about the case.

“We take this internally,” Slokvik says.

– Would you have taken Henrik out if you had known about Crystal's illness?

– I refer to what you said. We will follow up on this matter after the European Commission meeting.

– Did you receive any apology from Henrik for not participating?

– I have no comment.

The national team doctor, Uwe Talsnes, will not say anything about this case either.

– No comment, Talsnis says.

When VG tried to listen to Jakob Asersson Ingebrigtsen's thoughts after the 1,500m trial, he was interrupted by press advisor Espen Skolland.

– We answered that. Another question, Scoland said.

Press advisor Espen Skolland with Jakob and Henrik Ingebrigtsen. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

On Monday, VG tried to ask Henrik Ingebrigtsen several questions via Skoland.

  • Why did he hide the crystal illness from Slokovic when the battle was close to take the team out to 5000 meters?
  • VG commentator Leif Welhaven called it “unfair” considering the competitors in the same venue. What assessments has Henrik made of this? What did he think of Wellhaven's play?
  • Why didn't he say anything about it before? Did he apologize to Slokvik or others afterward?

-Henrik has made good progress this spring and feels ready to run. Unfortunately, it was a bad day on Saturday, Espen Skolland replied in an SMS.

Jakob Asserson Ingebrigtsen gave a lot of credit to Henrik Ingebrigtsen after his 5000m gold. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

VG continued with the following questions:

  • But is it enough to trust our feelings and hide a crystal illness from the sports director when there are other candidates who have achieved fairly consistent results, and in Norway there are only a few places?
  • Did he apologize for this to Slokvik? Would he do the same thing again?
  • What does he think of Welhaven's ruling of “foul play”?

– This is being handled internally, Scoland replied.

The final of the 1500 meters for Jakob Asersson Ingebrigtsen will take place on Wednesday at 10:00 22.26. Narve Gilje Nordås resigned suddenly on Monday.

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