“Ingun” Bodo: – Roof tiles flying across the city

“Ingun” Bodo: – Roof tiles flying across the city

Shortly after 08.30, police received information that several windows at the top of the Radisson Hotel, adjacent to the hotel's bar, had been blown away by the wind.

– This is a completely normal window is broken. “We chose to call the police to ensure the safety of our guests and the public,” hotel director Jeppe Jorgensen tells Talkblade.

He mentioned that no one was injured in the incident.

The area around the hotel is now cordoned off.

Because the window ended on a ceiling below the floor. This increases the risk of flying with the wind.

– Police Operations Manager Yngvar Fredriksen tells Dagbladet that there is a risk that they will be absorbed and end up at street level.

As of now, they cannot be downloaded. The hope is that the windows will stay up until the storm subsides.

The operations manager describes the demanding weather conditions across the city.

– There are a lot of roof tiles and other loose objects flying all over Bodo, so we will block several streets and we have asked for civil defense assistance in this regard, says Fredriksen.

Bodo encourages people to stay away from the center.

– We ask people to stay inside.

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