Massive delays in public transport in Oslo

Massive delays in public transport in Oslo

The snow causes inconvenience to the people of Oslo. Now buses and trams stop. The router asks passengers to allow plenty of time to get home.

There is a traffic jam in Skallerutumba in Oslo. Police direct traffic manually.

Routes report public transport delays of 60 to 90 minutes in Oslo and Viken. The reason is a lot of snow, slippery roads and difficult driving conditions. Organizations can also occur.

There have been reports of so many delays on buses and trams that it would be too much to list them all. If you’re going to travel, you should allow plenty of time.

A journalist from Optenposten sits on one of the buses. He reports a complete standstill and confusion on Schweigaardsgate. A bus slipped and fell. It rotates and blocks traffic up and down. Police are now stationed at the Oslogate/Schweigaardsgate intersection.

There is confusion at Schweigaards Gate.

Very demanding conditions

– We try to report as best as we can, says press officer Øystein Dahl Johansen.

He says they are in direct contact with the ploughmen in the municipality, but there are many delays and large areas to be ploughed, which is now demanding for everyone out there.

– Plow workers work hard to plow and make it as passable as possible, but the driving conditions are very demanding.

The tram passes through the city of Oslo. Plowmen are clearing the snow as quickly as they can, press officer Øystein Dahl Johansen reports.

– Any tips for travelers?

– Basically, it’s important to account for plenty of time if you have to travel, and keep yourself up-to-date Route no and in use.

– What kind of time perspective are we talking about?

– As long as the snow lasts, it will demand. There are huge delays everywhere, he says.

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Unfortunately, there will be no relief from the snowy weather anytime soon. Yr Yellow indicates danger level. Snow is reported overnight in Oslo. It should drop tomorrow, January 4 at 12 noon.

It is snowing heavily in the center of Oslo. This picture was taken from Jernbanetorget.

Let the car stop

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued an orange warning for eastern Norway. Heavy rainfall is also predicted in some parts of Akhtar.

Police in Oslo made an appeal on Twitter in the morning. They ask everyone who is going to drive in traffic to allow plenty of time, drive according to the conditions, and make sure they are fine.

“Consider leaving the car if conditions are too bad,” police wrote.

Not everyone followed the advice.

Asks trucks to avoid E6 and Ring 3

Wednesday afternoon was characterized by several traffic accidents and minor accidents. 18 just before Complained to the police In the Lorraine tunnel, a traffic accident between two cars may have collided from behind at low speed. Left field blocked.

A truck train is stopped on the E6 at the Vålereng tunnel in Oslo. Two lanes are closed in the direction of Gardermoen. The Swedish Road Transport Agency reported the case shortly after 5pm on Wednesday. By 5.30pm, the NTP writes that traffic is normal.

He writes at 4 p.m Road Transport Centre An accident has occurred in Årvoll in the direction of Oslo. Access to the area has been reduced due to an accident involving two cars. No injuries were reported.

Trouble at Brynstunnel continues throughout the afternoon. Police report They continued to help wagon trains pick up speed from inside the Brienztunnel towards the Rhine. This meant they had to block Ring 3 southbound for traffic for a short period of time.

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Skullerud dump has problems with E6, leading to long queues.

It was difficult for several lorry trains on the E6 heading towards Manglerud on the opposite slopes and towards Mortensrud from the Skullerud dump in Oslo.

Police are asking trucks and lorries to use Mosseveien instead of using Ring 3/E6. Police write on Twitter From Skalleruttumba there is an almost constant sequence. They say it will continue beyond that.

A bus ran off the road at Ringerike – risk of overturning

A bus is in danger of overturning on the road on the Vikersundveen at the Tyresstrand in Ringerike. Police say everyone should get off the bus.

The Sørøst Police District says they received a report of the derailment at 17.08.

– It may be in danger of turning upside down, police signature Twitter.

It has also been informed that there should be no danger to human life and everyone should get off the bus.

Issues in Wiccan

A number of minor and major accidents have also been reported in Wigan. In Kongsberg, a traffic accident with minor injuries was reported shortly before 3.30 pm. There are two cars with one person in each car.

Just before 15.30 a traffic stop was reported on the E16 Sandvika – Sollihøgda in Viken. The reason is that after the tunnels, the wagon train stops in the direction of Hønefoss. Traffic came to a complete standstill due to the accident. wrote Vegtrafiksentralen on Twitter.

Police East Reported on 13, about a car accident on the E6 Kalnes in Viken, north of Sarbsborg, in the direction of Oslo. Two cars are stuck and it is slippery at the scene. By 2pm, the Road Traffic Center said the road had reopened. No injuries were reported.

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Reported at 1:19 p.m Vegsentralen East After the Sandesund bridge at Srpsborg, about the many problems on the E6. Here, the right lane in the direction of Svinesund is closed due to a vehicle accident. A wagon train was cut.

Three cars in ditch

There are also reports of weather problems in the western part of the country. In Holzne in Nordhartland, north of Bergen, three cars veered off the road. Inform the police.

Also, a tree has fallen on the road. No injuries were reported, but police encourage careful driving.

Yr A yellow warning for wind has been issued for Rogaland and Hartaland areas on Wednesday. Additionally, snowfall creates a problem.

New risk warning for Friday

Starting Friday, snow could cause problems again, the Met Office warned in a fresh warning.

“10 to 25 cm of snow is expected then. “More snow is expected in the border areas between Telemark and southern Norway slightly inland from the coast,” it said.

Warns you not to go to the cabin

On Wednesday morning, winds blew in the mountains and several mountain roads and areas exposed to the weather were closed to traffic, including Fv450 Hunnedalsveien, E134 and E134 between Seljestad and Røldal and E134 Haukelifjell, Stavanger Aftenblad writes.

– Achter and eastern Norway are receiving the worst weather, where we have sent out an orange warning for snow. The danger warning boundary follows the border of Rogaland, and we are not considering extending the danger warning to you right now, says Alexander Skelvedt, a meteorologist working at Ververslinga in western Norway.

He advises motorists who decide to head into the mountains to be prepared for difficult driving conditions or road closures.

– If you’re going to be driving to the cabin or on the mountain trail on Friday, you should plan for very rough driving conditions and wind-blown snow.

According to meteorologists’ weather radar, this is how precipitation is moving in eastern Norway on Wednesday:

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