Warmer days are expected in Thana and Mo in Rana than in Agra in Ghana – VG

Warmer days are expected in Thana and Mo in Rana than in Agra in Ghana - VG

It will be hotter in northern Paris than in the French capital this week. The meteorologist encourages northerners to take cool baths, and climate scientists believe the heat wave is part of global warming.


From night to Monday, the Northland experienced tropical nights at three locations – with temperatures never dropping below 20 degrees Celsius.

Bodø, Lurøy and Glomfjord both had temperatures above the tropical night range, Iselin Skjervagen, the on-duty meteorologist, told VG.

According to N.R.K. Bodo recorded its second tropical night in June.

But it will be hotter – at least in the northern parts of our country, says Skjervagen.

– Perhaps the hottest places now seem to be in the north of the Northland, in the trams and west of Finmark.

On Twitter, the meteorologist warned that the heat record for June could be broken:

According to Skjervagen, the new records depend on what is known as the sunset wind No. Occurs.

This is a breeze that occurs when the land warms faster than the ocean surface, and it creates colder air because the heat from the surface rises upwards, while the cold air from the ocean pulls over the land.

– But there seems to be no sunset wind, so I think we can break the record at Tromso, he says.

Mediterranean temperature

– Monday will be hot and Tuesday will be hot, with temperatures in the north hovering above 30 degrees, he says.

– And what if it sniffs in many places in the north?

– Yes, it is. Temperatures in many parts of northern Norway will be above 30 degrees on Tuesday.

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An example is Mo I Rana in the Northland, according to this Yr Expect temperatures of up to 32 degrees on Tuesday.

Auto in East Finmark can see up to 30 degrees, but only on Wednesdays.

Temperatures for both of these places are forecast to be higher on Tuesday and Wednesday than in Agra, the capital of Ghana. Tropical Climate Zone.

This also applies to Tromsø among other places.

– This is the hot wind that blows upwards westward from Finland on Monday, then pulls to other parts of Finmark on Wednesday. That’s why it’s so hot on Wednesday. Eastern Finmark is likely to be warmer later, Schjerwagen says.

– Is Norway getting the hottest temperature in Norway in the coming days?

– It looks a bit like two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, not Monday.

– What recommendations do you have for people in the North before this summer?

– Drink plenty of water. More often than not it gets hot, so even if the water is cold you will have to come out and swim. But at least soaking your feet is good.

– Part of global warming

Elin Lundstadt is a climate analyst At the Meteorological Institute.

She explained to Vijay where the heat was coming from.

– What does this heat tell us?

– The same heat that was in Spain that was part of the heat wave in Europe, then it went north, went to Paris and many parts of Europe and then came to Norway. It’s a hot air flow, it’s coming up, she tells Vijay.

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Lundstadt believes this is part of the fact that the air in the atmosphere is warmer than ever.

– This is definitely part of global warming, that is. The atmosphere is part of being warmer.

He emphasizes that we have been enjoying almost every year in Norway for the past five years.

Lightning and heavy rain hazard warning

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in eastern Norway from Monday afternoon until early Tuesday morning.

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In Oslo, temperatures are expected to drop below the 20s before the weekend is expected to rise again.

Meteorologists on Twitter write that there may be large local differences in intensity and magnitude.

Lightning alert was also issued south of Sørlandet and Vestlandet Stat. The mountainous areas of southern Norway seem to avoid this.

Temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius and above are expected along the coast, and in the north, in the Mold and Alessund areas on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but there will be more rainfall on Tuesday.

– Western Norway also receives this rainfall. It will rain here on Monday, and on Tuesday it will be towards western Norway and north, then move upwards.

A red flood warning was issued for northwestern southern Norway on Monday.

– On Monday, there is a large flow of water in many streams and rivers from the mountains in southern Norway, with yellow and orange levels of water in some places. Rain and showers will increase in many places on Mondays / Tuesdays. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in many parts of the country on Mondays and Tuesdays. Be careful.

Monday night will be hot, but it will rain a little on Tuesday, according to Trondhela, on-duty meteorologist Schjerwagen. Lightning is also forecast for Monday night.

Temperatures in Trondheim will rise to 28 degrees by the end of the work week, before dropping again below 20 degrees. Yr.

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