Intel: “normal CPU bends”

Intel: “normal CPU bends”

Do you have an intel cpu 12. and somewhat suspicious that the cpu will bend?

“Everything is as it should”

So of course you’re not alone, but according to Intel you don’t have to worry about this, it’s perfectly fine and expected behaviour.

We have not received reports of 12th Gen Intel Core processors operating out of specifications due to changes to the Integrated Heat Distributor (IHS). Our internal data shows that IHS in 12th generation desktop processors can have a slight skew after installation in the socket,” Intel explains after a number of testers discovered this phenomenon.

Intel warns against tampering even if it looks weird (warranty expires, but so does Igors Lab I tested a solution which lowered the temperature by five degrees):

“Such less deviation is expected and will not cause the processor to run out of specification. We strongly recommend that no modifications be made to the socket or change of the independent loading mechanism. Such changes will cause the processor to run out of specifications and may void any product warranties.”

The LGA1700 platform features a locking mechanism, the “independent loading mechanism”, which creates uneven pressure on the CPU.

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