People will accept peace anyway – VG

People will accept peace anyway - VG
Welcoming visit: Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer visited Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday, as well as Britain’s Boris Johnson.

The president believes that it is very difficult to negotiate with someone who has tortured the country, but he believes that it is inevitable in the end.


Yes, we must fight, but we must fight for life. President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a new interview with AP.

He talks about how difficult it is to negotiate with a country that has committed heinous crimes.

There are many who have lost loved ones. I am not sure if they would accept peace on any terms. Because there are great wounds, and the tragedy of losing some loved ones, he says in the same week of the atrocities in Botsga has been revealedAnd after two days The missile attack on the train station in Kramatorsk.

But if we speak without feelings, however difficult it may be, we must understand that any war must end peacefully, otherwise it will end with the death of millions.

Trouble Town: A woman leaves the hard-hit city of Mariupol on Friday of this week. Russia still does not control the city.

Thus, he is talking about the diplomatic opportunities that must come.

– We cannot say: No, we are not ready to talk to the killers.

Zelensky believes the key lies in Mariupol, which he now describes as “the heart of the war.” He believes that what happens here determines much of what happens next.

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We are fighting, we are strong. And if this heart stops beating, we will be weaker. The stronger we are in Mariupol, the stronger we are in the east of the country. If we are strong, the negotiating table should come closer to the Russians, and we have advantages in dialogue.

However, the president paints another, much bleaker picture of the situation if Ukraine is under weaker pressure in Mariupol.

– Then there will be no negotiations, because Russia will do everything in its power to return to the cities that we have now liberated. Then they can do it.

– But we believe in a different outcome. We believe in victory.

According to Euromaidan Press, Zelensky’s adviser Mikhailo Podolak says that any meetings between Zelensky and Putin will take place only after Ukraine has won important battles, including in the Donbass. He stressed that Russia should put aside imperial illusions.

When asked if he thought the many arms shipments on the way would make any difference in the war, Zelensky replied as follows:

– not yet. Because so much of what they sent, the type of equipment, it was already too late.

Earlier Saturday, President Zelensky received Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who came on unannounced visits. He promised more help from the archipelago, including armored vehicles and naval missiles.

The crisis package that Johnson promised is worth 100 million pounds.

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