November 28, 2022


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Jan Arild Skappel har hatt elbil i ti år

Introducing VAT on expensive electric cars – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

It was 10 o’clock on Thursday The state budget for the year 2023 was presented. There, the government proposes several things about electric cars:

  • To introduce VAT on electric cars with a purchase price above NOK 500,000. This action And already announced.
  • Existing and future toll schemes allow light zero-emission vehicles to be charged up to 70 percent of normal fares. Today, this limit is 50 percent.
  • Municipalities can decide the price of parking electric cars in public parking lots.
  • Introducing an increased rate on re-registration charges for electric cars on par with passenger cars.
  • To introduce new weight components at a one-time fee. This applies to all passenger cars including electric cars. A single charge of NOK 12.5 per kilogram of net car weight over 500 kilograms is calculated.
  • Equalization of electric cars and other cars in taxation of company cars. The government proposes to remove the assessment rebate for electric cars, which is 20 per cent in 2022.
  • At the same time, the government will reduce the fuel tax.

– This is the worst electric car budget ever. “This government is running on diesel,” says Christina Bu, general secretary of the Electric Vehicle Association.

Christina Pu of the Electric Vehicle Association is disappointed with the state budget.

Photo: Norwegian Electric Car Association

According to Statistics Norway, Two-thirds of new passenger cars in Norway are electric cars (external link). Best selling car in Norway Tesla is.

Over the years, electric car owners in Norway have enjoyed many benefits, including free or reduced fares for passing through toll rings, free or reduced fares for ferries and driving on public transport routes.

But many have pointed out that this is too generous. Last year, the National Convention of the Center Party was adopted All price advantages for expensive electric cars should be eliminated.

– We were a little shocked

Environmental charity Zero believes the government is introducing high taxes on electric cars too soon.

A plan to raise tolls is expected to be scrapped domestically.

– Amount of all new taxes will be high at once and it will affect people’s choice of car. Hopefully the local tariff setters will see that it is not wise to raise the price of electric cars. Polluters must pay, says Ingwilt Gillen Rohrold at Zero.

Zero: Ingwilt Rohrold

Ingvild Kiln Rohrold in Zero.

Bu, at the Electric Vehicle Association, says they are aware of and welcome the introduction of VAT on expensive electric cars. But they don’t expect the government to tighten its grip further.

– The government pays more to buy and use an electric car. This will create a strong barrier to investment in Norway, says Bu.

He points out that only 18 percent of all cars on Norwegian roads are electric cars. Now she hopes Storting will take action.

– We’re sitting here, actually a bit shocked. Reading the budget was one bad news after another. Now you need to save on Storing electric car investment.

Electric drivers feel they have to contribute more

Jan Arild Skappel from Tau in Ryfylke has owned an electric car for ten years. He doesn’t know exactly how much he saved, but estimates it to be several hundred thousand kroner.

He knows that benefits hang in the balance.

– Driving electric cars all over Norway is natural. Then they have to take some action.

Jan Arild Skappel owned an electric car for ten years.

Jan Arild Skappel commutes daily between Ryfylke and Tau in Stavanger and believes the electric car has made his daily life much easier.

Photo: Odd Rune Killingstad / NRK

Tom Erik Eckhoff, a car salesman at Møller Bil Stavanger, agrees. He has been selling cars for twelve years and believes that electric car owners now receive higher taxes and fewer benefits.

– Customer assistance is not required to select an electric car. I think people understand that building roads costs money. If you drive an electric car, you will be as uncomfortable on the road as any other car. Most people understand that electric drivers have to contribute and cover costs, he says.

Tom Eric Eckhoff Mueller Bill Sells Cars

Mueller Bill Tom Eric Eckhoff.

Photo: Odd Rune Killingstad / NRK

Keeping the car as much as possible

Jan Arild Skappel and his family have two electric cars. The old car sings the last verse now, but they still have it.

– It is a kind of family member. Everyone loves that car. It’s getting old, but very useful. For five years from 2012, the car had zero expenses.

But abandoning the electric car is far from over.

– I also have a limit, and public transport is getting better. But since I have a flexible work schedule and a lot going on at home, I will continue to drive an electric car for a while. I value the ability to choose to go to work, says Scappel.

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