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Apple with a big launch on September 7.

This is what this year's call for the Apple launch looks like.

Apple’s big fall launches are back in physical form, and now the iPhone manufacturer has released its product September 7 at 19 pm Norwegian time.

This time the iPhone 14 series will be introduced, and the next iOS version will finally be released. iOS 16 has been in beta testing since spring, when the new features were demonstrated during WWDC’s more software-focused conference.

It is also rumored that there may be renewed versions of the Apple Watch, with the Series 8 and a brand new Pro model in the series.

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Perhaps the biggest question in 2022 will be what the new iPhone 14 will be like. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen several product updates of the minuscule kind, probably due in part to a lack of ingredients. But there are actually quite a few exciting rumors about the iPhone 14.

Among other things, rumors have it that the well-known bus pocket may disappear on iPhone 14 Pro models, replaced by screen holes as we usually see on Android phones.

There is also talk of greatly improved zoom in the camera department of iPhones.

The new iOS, among other things, gets a completely new lock screen. The solution appears to be heavily inspired by the Apple Watch, and this is where the tools and animations come into play. You can get real-time information about everything from sports to weather right on the lock screen.

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This is where the much talked about feature that lets you edit iMessages after they are sent comes into play.

In addition, there is a lot more to come, such as retrieving information from images and renewed dictation functions.

iOS 16 will also be available for most iPhones already in use.

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The Apple Watch Series 7 is getting closer to its release, and with it comes both a new series and the introduction of a more ferocious Pro variant. Do we believe the rumours.

For the Watch 8 series, the health sensor on the bottom of the watch will get an upgrade, while the Pro version will handle much more, and ultimately have better battery life.

Apple continues to refer to the battery life on the Apple Watch as “up to one day.” Battery life is starting to get relatively tough at Samsung and Garmins today, which in many cases lasts multiple times.

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After several hypothetical launches, this was the first honest launch of Apple’s “old look” after the pandemic. Tek.no is located in Cupertino, providing first impressions of both products and the launch during the evening of September 7.

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