War in Ukraine: – Russian defector:

War in Ukraine: - Russian defector:

The 33-year-old paratrooper wrote in the 56th Parachute Regiment of the Russian Air Force. CNNwho spoke to the defector in a secret location.

On Wednesday August 24, it has been exactly six months since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 this winter.

Filatev served during the invasion, including the battles around the city of Kherson and in the southeast of Ukraine. He was later wounded and repatriated to Russia.

Two weeks ago, he posted a 141-page diary on the Russian social network VKontakte. A number of media, among others Watchman And the Washington PostHe published excerpts from the diary.

According to CNN, Filatif is the first Russian soldier to criticize the invasion of Ukraine.

– We realized that we were drawn into a serious conflict where we simply destroyed the villages and liberated no one, says Filatiev to the American news channel.

– Many did not understand the justification that the authorities tried to give us. We realized that everything was a lie, and he says and adds:

– We only destroy a peaceful life. It was a fact that deeply affected our spirits. Feeling that we haven’t acted well.

Introduction: A video supposed to show the town of Pesky at the front in Ukraine being bombed by Russian forces. Video: Twitter. Reporter: Vigard Krueger.
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– barbarians

In diary excerpts that Watchman Reviews, Filatieff compares the attack of the Russians on Kherson with the barbarian plunder of Rome in antiquity.

Have you ever seen paintings of barbarians saying Rome? This is the best way to describe what was happening around me, he writes about the entry of Russian troops into the Ukrainian city.

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Reverse CNN He tells the former paratrooper that Russia is a corrupt regime that persecutes its citizens. Filatev also says that Russian soldiers are poorly equipped.

– Our barracks are about 100 years old and do not accommodate all of our officials, he said.

– All our weapons are from the war in Afghanistan, he adds, referring to the Soviet Union’s invasion and occupation of Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989.

The veteran in exile also says that Russian troops can go without food for days.

– Stupid

Vlatyev leaves no doubt as to what he thinks of the Putin regime’s decision to invade Ukraine.

– Now that I’m gone from there with no gun, I think that’s the worst and most stupid thing our authorities can do.

– I don’t know where the authorities are taking us. What will happen next? Nuclear war?

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