iPhone 14 Pro charging problem

Phones restart at random times.

No mobile launch is complete without a small trail of bugs and issues that need to be fixed with new products. And Apple’s iPhone 14 isn’t launching this fall. With the camera issues fixed in the update, a new issue is knocking; Many Reddit users alert About iPhone 14 Pro charging problems.

The gentle charging feature does not appear to be working and affected phones reboot at random times while charging.

However, the extent of the problem is uncertain. However, users on the Reddit thread have encountered the problem with many different iOS versions.

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The problem apparently occurs when iPhone Pro models are being charged either wirelessly or via a Lightning cable. Some records indicate that phones run directly on 100 percent battery.

The actual improved battery charging system should conserve power at 80 percent for as long as possible, before charging the last extension before unplugging the phone. The functionality should extend battery life and reflect similar features in many Android phones.

Plus, the phones start over. For some every twenty minutes, while one user noted that this happens every time the phone reaches 93 percent.

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Some users’ phones have already been replaced, while others have tried tampering with their own procedures, such as several different ways to get the phone back without success.

The closest thread to a solution seems to be disabling background refresh for apps. One user reported that turning off this feature under Settings got rid of the problem.

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Likewise, it probably wouldn’t be a particularly desirable setting to turn it off across all one’s apps. Because this also includes the capabilities of a number of services to update to new content before the apps open again, and for some of them, notifications and other things can also disappear with the ability to refresh the background.

At the moment, Apple does not appear to have commented on the issue, so the extent is unknown. Although there are a number of different bugs with this year test units We didn’t find this specifically on any of them.

In recent weeks, it has also been discussed Troubled Cards Battery life on this year’s iPhone models. We’ve noticed this on one of our test samples, and it’s a fairly common phenomenon every time Apple releases new phones. Sometimes it happens because something went wrong during the first boot of the phone, and it can often be remedied by a restore.

Battery time issues are one of the most common issues that people report after the new generations of mobile phones, be it iPhone or other brands and series.

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