Russian hackers claim to attack new websites

Russian hackers claim to attack new websites

The Norwegian website provider will be exposed to a new computer attack. Among other things, they hand over the site to the National Security Agency (NSM).

This is what the NSM website looked like around 13:30.

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Coretrek will likely be hit by a denial of service attack, similar to what we saw against the Norwegian authorities last week. It affects many sites.

A denial of service attack, also called a DDoS attack, involves someone using a network of computers to send large amounts of traffic to a website. Thus, the site fails to receive all the traffic and goes down.

Among the websites that suffered a bit after 1pm on Monday were the websites of the National Security Agency (NSM). NSM also has websites provided by Coretrek, Aftenposten’s NSM Press Guard confirms.

From about 13.35, the NSM website appears to be working again. Then they should have been down or unsteady from about 10:30.

Russian hackers are to blame

According to the Telegram channel of the Russian network Killnet, Russian hackers are behind the attacks. This time it will be the hacker group “NoName057” behind it.

On NoName057’s Telegram channel, they allegedly hit Bastø Fosen and Boreal. These sites were also down. They also have Coretrek as a resource.

The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature informed Aftenposten that its website was unstable and went down at times on Monday. The assembly has Coretrek as a resource.

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This message was posted on our Telegram channel on Sunday at lunchtime.

NSM confirms a similar attack took place last week against several companies.

Kortrijk chief Christian Sosnik told Aftenposten that they received an email from the National Security Service (NSM).

NSM writes that some of our solutions and services may be subject to attack. But this has not been verified and we are working to find out why.

Russian hacker groups support the Russian government. Last week, attacks on Norwegian websites were justified on the grounds that Norway had halted the movement of Russian goods across the border in Storskog and to Russian settlements in Svalbard.

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