iPhone's amazing comeback – ITavisen

iPhone's amazing comeback – ITavisen

Apple's iPhone sales had a bad start in China this year, but they are now back and moving forward.

iPhone is moving forward, Huawei is struggling

There are figures from the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology that reveal that Apple's shipments of mobile phones increased by 52 percent at the same time that the company reduced its prices. According to Bloomberg, 3.5 million mobile phones were from foreign companies, with the iPhone representing the lion's share of the devices. Apple could start to relax a little more in March when it saw a slight increase after January and February which showed a very negative development that the company has now managed to reverse.

Apple's iPhone shipments rose 52 percent in April after first stabilizing in March.


Bloomberg believes this trend will continue, as a survey revealed that Chinese customers are now more willing to upgrade to new mobile phones. More than half of the participants were willing to pay more than $550 for a new cell phone. The fact that Huawei, the market leader in China, has taken so long to introduce new premium models, clearly helps Apple, which is ready to launch iPhone 15 models in large quantities.

Two months changed everything

“Now official figures from China reveal that Apple is continuing the negative trend we first described in this article: sales are down 24 percent in the first six weeks. Now the February template is ready, revealing Apple shares are down 33 percent. Huawei and other well-known brands are very powerful in their home country, because Chinese authorities also reveal that mobile phones from abroad account for only 2.4 million mobile phones Apple was able to sell approximately 5.5 million mobile phones in January, which is 39 percent less than the same The period from 2023.

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