Iran, the veil | For 42 years, Iranian women activists have been fighting against this.

Iran, the veil |  For 42 years, Iranian women activists have been fighting against this.

The death of a factory worker is just one of many examples of the tragic consequences of wearing a headscarf at work.

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On Monday, the Iranian human rights news agency, Hrana, wrote about a 21-year-old female worker.

The woman was working in a carpet weaving factory in the Iranian city of Semnan. The veil she was wearing was hung on the machine she was working on, and her head was allegedly pulled into the machine. She died of her injuries.

This article was written based on articles on the issue in the Iranian news agency ILNA.

The name of the young woman is Marzia Taherian. Details of what actually happened are not entirely clear, but according to colleagues, her veil was stuck in the machine, and then her head was pulled into the machine.

The incident was criticized and published by Iranian women’s rights activists.

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42 years old by order of hijab

Iran is the only country in the world where women are required by law to wear the hijab, and they must cover themselves in public. The extremist Islamic State uses all means to maintain and control the commandment to wear the hijab.

A separate ethics police monitor compliance with the order in public places. In addition, civic ethicists, educational institutions, the court, the police, and the media have struggled for 42 years to suppress women who do not follow the order.

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The veil is associated exclusively with the honor, dignity and value of men and women. Those who wear a headscarf in public are associated with prostitution.

It is not only the state that punishes women who leave the veil. In society as a whole, women face prejudice, insults, and physical and verbal attacks if they do not follow the lead. In addition, those who leave the veil are at risk of sexual harassment and all other problems in the world.

The tragic death of young factory workers is just one of many examples of the tragic consequences of wearing a headscarf at work.

We humans need a humane social system where human rights and women’s rights are constantly taught, monitored and secured. When the exact opposite happens in a totalitarian religious society, one can only expect such tragic stories.

sends a signal

This week, dozens of female students posed in front of Tehran University to take pictures of exams in the open air. They took the great opportunity to remove the obligatory veil. It is a very brave act in a society that punishes those who do not wear the hijab.

The next day, a number of female students lined up – from an Islamic point of view; They are impeccably dressed – in the same place to repeat the procedure, as a kind of response to what happened the day before. All this was orchestrated by the state authorities to be an example to follow.

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The struggle against compulsory hijab in Iran has been going on for 42 years. The fighting is an expression of civil disobedience for women’s rights, but it is illegal and punishable in Iran.

Many activists today are in prison with prison sentences of over 20 years just because they, brave and courageous, defied and opposed the mandatory headscarf law.

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