Here you can reveal the “frog” in “Maskorama”

Here you can reveal the "frog" in "Maskorama"

Perhaps the most wild guessing game in Norway, “Maskorama”, was running again on Saturday. Last year’s success didn’t seem to stop, and more than 1.1 million viewers watched Saturday’s broadcast.

The first celebrity who had to reveal his identity, thus leaving ‘Maskurama’, was Publisher and journalist Arve Juritzen (61) – He wears a “frog” costume.

When Juritzen’s identity was revealed, host Silje Nordnes (36) said only 16 people could guess he was hiding behind the mask. So, it might be helpful to get an overview of what the hints can reveal – and we’ll give that to you here.

I showed: The frog was the first to leave “Maskurama”. Here he throws a mask. Video: NRK
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A costume with many hints

To start basically, the “frog” costume gave a few hints.

There is a button on the outfit in rainbow colors, which is often used as a symbol of LGBT support. Juritzen publicly emerged as gay several years ago, and obtained his daughter through the use of surrogacy. By the way, the daughter is the only one who knows about Juritzen’s participation in “Maskorama”, he says Dagbladet.

Other buttons include “I Can’t Sing”, “See Me on TV” and “Oslolove”. The first hints that he is not an artist, and as he himself says:

Masurama: Swedish singer Pernilla Walgren shares tips on how to guess the “Maskurama” participants. Video: Jenny Emily As. Reporter: Jenny Emily As/Figard Krueger
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“I’ve never sung before.”

“See me on TV” doesn’t need a particularly comprehensive explanation, Juritzen has participated in a number of TV shows like “Do you want to be a millionaire?” and “older brother”. “Oslolove” is as simple a hint as he lives in Oslo.

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Many of the hints contain royal references, including buttons engraved with “Queen” and “Royal”.

This may indicate many of his collaborations with the royal family – among other things, the publication of the “Royal Family Yearbook”. Additionally, Juritzen was the publisher of both Ari Behn’s book “Inferno” and his daughter Maud Angelica’s book (18) “Threads of Tears” published earlier this fall.

– Joy! Detective Jean Thomas is on fire in the new season of Maskorama on NRK. Reporter: Selena Morkin. Video: Stephen Petersen
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In the hint video, he appears to be telling the story to others. This hints at his career as a journalist, photographer, presenter and publisher. The breadth of his career has also been hinted at, and in the video he says he’s worn several hats over the years, but this is new to him.

– Easy to be fooled

Juritzen says that some parts of the costume and the video did not give any hints to viewers. Among other things, that he spoke English, was dressed as a frog and wore a kilt.

– 80 percent is a hoax, says Juritzen in Podcast “Maskorama” to NRK.

well hidden: Last year’s “Maskorama” season was a huge success. But it was not easy to identify all the hints. Photo: NRK
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Juritzen also has some tips he wants to share with Maskorama viewers.

Be very skeptical and wise. Many of the hints require creative understanding, and it is easy to be deceived. And that’s what’s so much fun, says Juritzen Dagbladet.

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