Emma Crocdahl: — hits

Emma Crocdahl: — hits

“Aren’t you tired of following a 65-year-old man instead of having fun?”

This is how one of the questions received by Emma Crookdahl (27) on Instagram reads. The Norwegian personal trainer lives in Los Angeles and is engaged to Swedish Hollywood star Dolph Lundgren (65).

Calling the unknown past

– I finish

There is a 38 year difference between them, and the Norwegian several times He responded strongly to critics who question the age difference between them.

She also does it now on Instagram.

“I’m done answering the questions, but I’ll take this one because it gets asked a lot,” she initially wrote on her Instagram story to the question above.

“I’m an old soul. I’ve always thrived in the company of people older than me. Age has nothing to do with how ‘funny’ you are, sometimes older people are funnier because they’ve experienced more,” she writes further, noting that it’s all about mindset.

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Crookdahl also writes that, as before, this age has nothing to do with meeting someone you “click” with. Then she says it’s fun anyway.

“My character and Dolph work really well together and we love to live life the same way.”

Girlfriend younger than 38: - Makes me young

Girlfriend younger than 38: – Makes me young

According to the personal trainer, she has friends of all ages.

“I got involved a lot when I was younger, and I don’t need that much anymore. Once in a while it’s fun, and there’s nothing stopping me from that now either.”

Understand the reactions

Crookdal told Dagbladet that she’s been getting comments about the relationship “here and there,” but things have calmed down now.

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– I’m “used” to it now, so it doesn’t bother me as much as it did at first. Of course, it can get tiring sometimes, and you get judged for your relationship a lot, and even if you don’t have to care about other people’s opinions, it’s sometimes easier said than done, she admits.

At the same time, the 27-year-old understands where people are coming from.

Don't worry about the age difference

Don’t worry about the age difference

– I understand that people find it strange or can’t understand how we can be with such a big age difference. I probably would have thought the same as them if I hadn’t experienced it myself. She continues, but we’re having a great time together and nothing’s changing.

According to Crookdahl, she usually doesn’t respond to such comments, but sometimes she thinks it’s a good idea to come up with some ideas.

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