Irina Shayk: – Responds to Putin’s accusations

Irina Shayk: - Responds to Putin's accusations

world famous Model Irina Shayk (36)who in 2017 gave birth to a daughter, Leah (5 years old) Actor Bradley Cooper (47)In severe weather at the moment.

Shayk, himself a Russian, wrote, accused of supporting Vladimir Putin and Russia in the ongoing war with Ukraine. paper magazine.

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A couple of days ago, the Russian supermodel shared a photo of a traditional potato salad from his homeland, via the story post on Instagram.

The photo was quickly deleted again, but not before the “Diet Prada” user could take a screenshot.

The post quickly went viral, but it wasn’t because of the potato salad itself, but the text that Shayk put on the photo.

The text was as follows:

“Russianzz on Wednaday” or “Russianzz on a Wednesday” in Norwegian.

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The text prompted many users to speculate whether the model had brought some kind of secret message in support of Russia and Putin.

It was her use of the letter “Z” that got people reacting, because it was used as pro-war propaganda and a symbol in support of their invasion of Ukraine.

He denies supporting Putin

Shayk is back on Instagram again, via the story feature, to explain his original post that caused a stir.

“Sometimes power is just power. I promise: there are no coded messages or political comments here. I hope everyone likes it,” she wrote in the photo

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It also showed its support for Ukraine.

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A few days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Shayk announced that she had donated money to the Ukrainian Red Cross, and said that she was “praying for peace.”

Posted with Putin’s book

This isn’t the first time people have been surprised by the 36-year-old’s selection.

People also reacted when Shayk posed in 2020 with Russian journalist Leonid Mlechin’s book “Putin”, which is translated into Putin.

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