Iselin Guttormsen: – Have a good time together

Iselin Guttormsen: - Have a good time together

This fall has the flu and a sexologist Iselin Guttormsen (35) and her dance partner Catalin Andrei Mihu (28) Swing on the floor in Shall We Dance. At the same time, romantic rumors are growing around them.

When the dancing couple finally had to leave the competition a little while ago, Guttormsen stated that she “hasn’t had that much luck in the games, but she may have been so lucky in love”— The statement that did not put an end to it to speculate.

Now the influencer is accelerating the rumours. She recently posted an Instagram post, in which she and her dancing partner are photographed.

“Sometimes you meet people who have a very special meaning in your life, Katalin is one of them,” writes the 35-year-old, followed by several cute emojis.

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Do not rule out relationships

Guttormsen assures Dagbladet that there is love in the air between them.

– We spend a great time together, there are feelings on both sides, she says and continues:

And then you shouldn’t rule out the relationship in the end.

In the time following the song “Shall we Dance”, Guttormsen returned to his busy daily life with work, house building, children and other projects. On the other hand, Miho is busy with her own things, but the duo still found time for each other.

– It wasn’t like “Shall we dance” was over, we had no connection, and then the adventure was over, it wasn’t, the influencer laughs and continues:

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We meet, especially during the week when I have no children, and then sometimes he comes to visit me during the week when I have children and then we have dinner together. It is very comfortable.

Influencer Iselin Guttormsen talks about her relationship with dance partner Catalin Andrei Mihu. Video: Dagbladet TV
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– Are you married?

While the season was going on, Guttormsen told Dagbladet that it happened She became a kind of couple from her and her dance partner.

– Yes, we are married, said the sexologist, turning to his dance partner:

– I have to call you in the morning and just “Katalin, did you wake up? Yes, now you have to hurry, now we’re going.” You spread bread, I eat it, I go to the bathroom, you dry. We’re kind of there – almost.

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