Politics, Sunnfjord | Three Førde schools will be changing their homes. But there will be very expensive municipal bills

Politics, Sunnfjord |  Three Førde schools will be changing their homes.  But there will be very expensive municipal bills

Consulting firm Norconsult has calculated the cost of rebuilding Hafstad High School into a new secondary school, and Førde High School into a new primary school.

The estimate shows price tags of NOK 34 million and NOK 39 million, respectively. For these sums, you get solutions that “improve functionality and meet the general principle of school buildings in the municipality of Sunnfjord”.

The alternative is to stick to the principle and take only “minimal actions”. Then the price tags will be NOK 17 million and close to NOK 27.5 million, respectively.

Savings solutions provide lower quality education

Hafstad vidergåande is a complex of buildings with four different “wings” of different ages.

Consultants say the building’s inventory is in largely good condition. In addition, the building was designed to be a school, which is mostly suitable for him, even if the technical requirements have changed over the years.

The fallback solution, or what Norconsult calls minimal procedures, means that the structures in the building mass have been moved to a small extent. But on the other hand, they have to turn some rooms into arts, crafts, music, food and health. One also has to change lockers. The disadvantage of this solution is that it provides “lower educational quality”.

The outside area creates a distraction

If the municipality goes to the perfect solution, you can also open several rooms for cooperation areas, upgrade corridors, collect artwork, crafts and music in a separate wing. You can also combine the offices of teachers and administration, which are currently separate. The new solutions will also provide less traffic and better shared functionality.

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On the other hand, there is one aspect that has caused some disruption: Specifically, there are stricter requirements for outdoor areas for middle schools than for high schools. And in Havstad, the outdoor space of about 11 acres is too small to meet the requirements.

Because the requirement is not less than 30 square meters per student. With 480 pupils, there are more than 14 targets. The consultants therefore suggest incorporating parts of Festplassen as an outdoor area for the school. The outside area can be up to 200 meters from the school, so Festplassen is inside.


After young people move to Hafstad, Førde Preparatory School will remain empty. The idea then is to use it for a new children’s school. The nursery currently has 245 pupils, but the new school will have a capacity of 270 pupils.

The distance from today’s elementary school to the high school building is only a stone’s throw away, to put it in the parlance of a real estate broker. The preparatory school building also has four wings, the oldest part of which dates back to 1971. The area is 4,400 sq m plus a basement of 900 sq m.

Also for this step, the consultants prepared two different alternatives.

The savings solution for this school involves taking minimum measures that meet the requirements and regulations of the children’s school. Roughly speaking, this means constructing new changing rooms, converting group rooms into classrooms, and installing an elevator. In addition, the science room will be moved to where the kitchen is today and the library to where the science is today. After school you move to the basement.

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Two options here too

As with the other building, the optimal solution also involves taking minimal actions. But in addition to that, they are almost meant to bring together different grade levels in each of their fields. All seven areas will have two classrooms and group rooms nearby. There will also be new changing rooms and toilets. In addition, invest more money in upgrading the private room suite. This means a space for arts and crafts, natural sciences, food and health. In addition, there will be a kind of outdoor workshop where the disciples can do hard work. They will also create new entrances for students, and take steps to make reception more visible and accessible.

The middle school also has too little outside space to be approved. If the building is to become a children’s school, the requirements are 10 meters minimum, while today they have just over 9 meters. The counselors will solve this problem by incorporating the external chaplain’s area as part of their school.

Consultants stress that having enough land is not enough. There are also design and play equipment requirements, for both high school and elementary school.

School fire in October 2022

Now it must be said that the report mentioned here was prepared before the fire at Førde Preparatory School. It is still not known how the damage will affect the transfer and rebuilding process.

As far as Firda knows, the town hall is fully insured, and the financial consequences of the fire itself in the high school would then be minimal. On the other hand, that school should operate as soon as possible, while Havstad will not be taken over until 2024.

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The part as a fire, it contained a technical room, a corridor and a toilet. Both new solutions plan to keep this suite almost as functional as before.

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