– It hurts deeply in the heart – VG

- It hurts deeply in the heart - VG
Return: Camilla Herreme returns to Baia Marie. Sola will meet her former club in Romania on Saturday.

The sun faces the most important match in handball. It is played at the old Camilla Herme Stadium in Romania. The distance to the borders of Ukraine and the war is only 60 miles.


– It’s too awful to think about. You feel a deep pain in your heart. We follow up all the time. We want peace and hopefully it will come,” Camila Haerem tells VG.

On Saturday, Sola will play her biggest international match against her former club, Baia Mare. The 35-year-old, who has won nine golds for Norway, believes it is important to connect with professionalism and not think too much about what is going on in neighboring Romania.

– We are close, but at the same time we must try to cut those thoughts too. If not, we go down in such a small … fluff, as she described it. The Norwegian girls handball team was registered earlier in March protesting the russian invasion During the match against Montenegro.

Anyway, the reunion with Romania invokes some feelings for Harem. With her husband Stephen Stejavik, she lived a lot in Transylvania. Baia Marie is located south of Lviv in western Ukraine.

– It’s really special when it comes to such an important match, she says of the reunion with the handball city of about 123,000 people.

In the autobiography “Camila Without a Filter”, she tells the story of the club doctor who allegedly asked her to lose three kilograms. After an eventful year, Hierem went to the city’s mayor to terminate the contract. He was later arrested for corruption, but was re-elected mayor while in prison. Now Catalin Cherishes Five years in prison prison. Still mayor. Hyerem does not ignore the fact that she meets him in the ring.

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– It’s still the coolest place I’ve played matches. Everyone here is so enthusiastic when it comes to hand touch that the lounge was nearly full before we even started to warm up. It was packed. Quite a crazy atmosphere, she says, and not sure if Sula will face the same pressure on Saturday.

– But I wish the same mood. She says I am really looking forward to it.

The success: Stephen Stejavik and Camilla Herm returned to Baia Mare after six consecutive Europa League victories.

On Wednesday, she scored 12 goals when Stourhammar suffered an away defeat. In the last e-cup match, I scored 13 goals. Hirim in her mid-30s set a scoring record this season: 242 goals in 34 Sola games.

“The training I do works, I have control, and it makes me clap,” says Hyerem.

Sola cleared the table in the group match: six straight wins with a total of 46-plus goals. Hiram Kuleh calls it a “dream”.

– It is strange that we are here and we will play the quarter-finals of the electronic cup with Sola. She described that we did a very good job.

Steffen Stegavik had an impressive first season when he lifted Sola to the Bronze Series and Cup Final. Season 2 seems even better for Hierem’s almost “handball-addicted” husband.

– The best we’ve been in preparations. We always know what opponents will bring. We received no surprises, she said.

Guess what Herrem had on the show after the World Cup Gold in December:

And on Saturday, Stourhammar will also play the quarter-finals of the European League – against Vyborg. On the men’s front, Drammen will face Switzerland’s Suhr Aarau in the European Cup quarter-finals. While Nerbo was walking after his withdrawal from Minsk, Belarus.

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It is great and important for Norwegian handball to have more teams in Europe, says Herm, who is concerned about Sola will continue to grow as one of the top clubs.

Sola sets a club record in the second leg against Baia Mare. According to Hürrem, he has already bought 2,500 tickets to Stavanger Idrettshall.

With their win in the quarter-finals, Sola and Stourhammar are ready for their play-off fourth matches. The remaining four clubs meet in a city in mid-May and have made up for winning the second-highest standings in the European Cup.

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