May 29, 2022


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It is believed that these are Apple's folding plans

It is believed that these are Apple’s folding plans

Ming-Chi Kuo reevaluates his previous analysis from 2021 that the “iPhone Fold” will be launched as early as 2024.

Your MacBook can come with a 20-inch panel where everything is software

“It is now clear that these predictions need to be revised. I am asking Apple to release its first foldable phone as early as 2025,” Kuo reports on Twitter and says it won’t necessarily be an iPhone that you can fold, but possibly an iPad or a device as well. An iPad and iPhone hybrid.

The last prediction for us to think about This is a rumor (with accompanying illustrations) This means that your MacBook is a full screen display that includes a software keyboard or other visual interfaces depending on the software you have on the top screen.

Apple partners with LG to create a new generation of foldable screens

Moreover, Kuo believes that Apple’s preferred sizes for developing foldable devices are medium, large and small.

Apple is actively testing foldable OLED panels with about 9. The test is intended to verify key technologies, and it may not be found in the final product,” he explains and links to The Elec article where it appears that LG is collaborating with Apple to develop a new type of foldable OLED panel.

The new screen technology is supposed to be covered with glass to enhance the touch experience – that’s instead of the plastic-type polyamide that most foldable products use today.

It is not surprising that Apple is waiting for such technology before launching its foldable tablet.