It probably won’t be cheap

It probably won’t be cheap

$3,499 (37,755 kroner) is the price of the Apple Vision Pro.

Can we hope that “Vision” will cost NOK 20,000 in Norway?

The headset will launch in the US sometime before the summer of next year. No one knows when Norway will get the headphones, or what the price will be, but we’re probably talking about 40,000 NOK. That’s a lot for a product that’s not primarily marketed toward businesses, but more toward consumers as a place to watch movies, play games, and relive 3D memories.

Ever since Apple launched the Vision Pro, there have been rumors of a more affordable headset that would follow soon after the launch of the Pro model – the question now is what the price of this headset will be and for what functions Apple can lower the price.

Longer battery life could be a selling point

According to Mark Gurman, Apple is talking about reaching a price between $1,500 and $2,500. To be able to lower the price by $1,000 or more, the company must be willing to remove the external screen that replicates the user’s eye area. It is also rumored that the “Vision” will be equipped with one of Apple’s A-series mobile chipsets instead of the M-series PC chip. The Vision Pro uses the M2 chip.

What’s interesting about this particular rumor is that we might be able to hope for longer battery life beyond the two hours that the Vision Pro is capable of. This is probably possible due to weaker hardware and greater emphasis on gaming and freedom of movement, so longer battery life will be an important selling point.

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