It should have been revealed when Sony launched the Playstation 5 Pro

It should have been revealed when Sony launched the Playstation 5 Pro

Sony’s faster PlayStation 5, Pro version, codenamed “Project Trinity”.

It will be launched before Christmas next year

Per Insider-Gaming, who has been revealing for two years Sony’s plans for its series of consoles, as well as accessories, revealed that Sony’s plan is to launch the PS5 Pro in November 2024. Developer Studios should have access to the faster console by late November 2023. This is so specific that it seems like a legitimate leak. A funny idea, and this is pure speculation, is that Sony has an exclusive deal with Rockstar to release the Pro model at the same time as GTA 6.

There’s little information about the technical aspects, other than the fact that the console gets 18,000MB/s of RAM (millions of data transactions per second) and 30 workgroup CPUs. What does this mean in terms of performance? We’re not sure, but the goal is to provide more FPS and more stable FPS in 4K. There should also be provision for an 8K performance mode for the few that have an 8K TV. It’s also naturally faster ray tracing is in place.

It’s not surprising, but after the PS5 Pro it’s time for the Playstation 6 – maybe four or five years after the PS5 Pro? So, maybe it will launch in 2028 or 2029?

Microsoft believes that the “PlayStation 5 Slim” will be launched this year

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