Smartphone, mobile phone | Therefore, you should not use your mobile phone while sitting on the toilet

Smartphone, mobile phone |  Therefore, you should not use your mobile phone while sitting on the toilet
[Nettavisen:] Taking a mobile phone to the bathroom has become almost normal for most of us.

Traditional reading has been replaced by the toilet, and the mobile phone has taken over the responsibility of entertainment while we sit on the frame.

However, this may turn out to be a bad idea.

The newspaper wrote, especially if you become so preoccupied with your phone that the duration of your visits to the bathroom exceeds what is reasonable Watchman.

TikTok doctor warns

One person who may have appeared on the screen while you were scrolling through the course is American doctor Saurabh Sethi.

He is a gastroenterologist, that is, a specialist in diseases of the stomach and intestinal area, and has recently achieved success with his own channel on Tiktok, which has more than 275 thousand followers.

There he makes informational videos about his area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, and has addressed, among other things, the health challenges caused by sitting for too long on a dosing kit.

Using a phone while sitting on the toilet can have serious consequences, says Sethi.

Sitting for a long time on the toilet can contribute to increased pressure on the rectum and anus, which may lead to hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and, in the worst cases, prolapse.


However, it is not just sitting for a long time on the toilet that is harmful to health, we should believe Sethi.

Taking your mobile phone to the toilet exposes it to unlucky bacterial flora.

– The average smartphone is dirtier than a toilet seat in a public toilet, explains Sethi.

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In other words, with Sethi, the best thing is not to take your phone with you to the toilet at all, but if you can’t leave it, he recommends cleaning your phone frequently.

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