It will make SV Temu more expensive – and Fretex cheaper

It will make SV Temu more expensive – and Fretex cheaper

SV will make ordering goods from the other side of the world more difficult. At the same time, it will be cheaper to go to second-hand stores. Now they are taking the issue to Parliament.

– It doesn't make sense for goods produced in China to be cheaper than short-travel goods, SV fiscal policy spokesperson Carrie Elizabeth Caskey tells NTB.

She points out that we currently have a customs duty exemption on clothing of up to NOK 3,000.

– In practice, we have customs regulations in Norway which means that cheap chains like Temu and Wish are not included, so they become a much better alternative for people than second-hand chains like Fretex, for example, she says.

She warns that the Swedish Parliament will soon put forward a proposal in Parliament to:

* Reducing value-added tax on used purchases

*Abolish “exemption from anti-environmental tariffs on fast fashion”

* Reducing value added tax on repairs

– In terms of climate considerations, it is quite clear that we must make it easier to buy used than new. Today's rules have exactly the opposite effect, and of course we have to do something about it, Caskey says.

-I completely understand that people fall in love with this kind of cheap goods, but I hope people will think twice.

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