It's like clicking on a digital camera

It's like clicking on a digital camera

There has been a lot of debate about the buttons on the iPhone in recent years, and what will happen in September of this year.

Apple's plan may have already been revealed

“Before the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro, there was talk that all the fully digital buttons should become fully digital and offer pressure-sensitive presses. Then the rumor was changed so that only one action button became pressure-sensitive. As you know, the final product ended up with a physical action button. After Launch, a completely new rumor has emerged: Apple will implement another new button, perhaps only for the 16 Pro models, at the same time as the iPhone 16 gets the action button known from last year's Pro models,” we wrote in the article “Apple’s iPhone button – a mess.” In January.

This is how the new button works

At the same time, there was talk about a dedicated camera button on the 16 Pro phone, and this rumor is what appeared again, this time from Weibo leaks. Therefore, this person is likely located in Asia and knows the technical drawings or has spoken to people familiar with the production plans.

The plan is certainly for the new button to detect different button presses, and among other things it will be able to “emulate the two-stage shutter release button of dedicated digital cameras.” The button is also supposed to make it easier to zoom in by swiping left and right. The button should be located at the bottom right of Pro models.

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Furthermore, the leaker describes how the button can start photo or video mode, and that with a simple press you can adjust focus, i.e. like in a digital camera. In this way, the Apple iPhone strengthens its focus on the camera part, which works in conjunction with 3D video recordings that can later be viewed in Vision Pro. Additional regions are expected to receive Vision Pro by June.

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