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Samferdselsminister Jon-Ivar Nygård foran Tretten bru som kollapset

– We were lucky, no lives were lost.

This is what Transport Minister Jan-Ivor Nygaard says. He believes it’s a dramatic event that everyone wants to avoid.

The removal of the bridge will begin on Tuesday.

Nygård says that the most important thing now is to carry out a thorough analysis of safety in relation to the work that will take place tomorrow.

– This should be done in a safe manner so that no damage is caused to the personnel performing the work.

Also, he believes they should thoroughly investigate what the cause is and gain experience as to whether things can be done differently in the future.

Inspection: The Minister for Transport inspected Treton Bridge on Monday afternoon.

Photo: Also Lusæter / NRK

Worried about the rain

– Efforts are being made to secure and remove the bridge. Bart Einar Hoft, Operations Manager at the Inland Police District, tells NRK that there is concern about the reported downpour – which will cause the river to rise and cause problems.

A warning has been issued for heavy rain in eastern Norway and Aktor. Heavy rain is expected from Monday evening.

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency reports that there are large local variations in intensity and extent, and that the weather can change quickly.

Clouds will accumulate during the day and heavy rain will occur in the evening and night.

– 15 to 20 mm of rain is possible in an hour. It lasts for a while and there are many showers one after the other. In some places there’s a good deal if you’re unlucky, says state meteorologist Magnus Ovehead of the National Weather Service.

Ulf Soramgaard, head of police operations at the scene, said they feared more would happen to the bridge on Monday.

– Yes, even if it looks relatively stable right now, it’s not impossible for it to take off. It’s a rough river and a lot of water, so it’s absolutely impossible to say it will stay that way, says Soramgaard.

At thirteen, the bridge collapsed

High water in the river: Thirteen bridges are located in the river where the water can rise.

Photo: Alexander Nordby / NRK

– Real concern

Heavy rain is also expected tomorrow afternoon and evening.

Innlandet County’s head of transport, Aud Margrethe Riseng, admits it’s a race against time.

She says that an excavator is already in place and then they are waiting for two mobile cranes from Traman.

– This is a real concern. When the river is as big as it is now and when heavy rain is forecast, it would be a very unfortunate event if the bridge were to be taken by the river and travel down, says Ryseng.

We don’t want that. Therefore, the work should be started soon, he says.

The bridge collapses at Tretten in Gutbrandstallen

Aud Margrethe Riseng, head of transport for Innlandet County, said the collapse of the bridge came as a big surprise to the county council.

Photo: Lars Erik Schrefsrud / NRK

No flood warning

NVE has not issued any flood warnings in eastern Norway.

– Rain conditions are very uncertain, so you may be unlucky, but according to the forecast, the rain can move quickly, and then there is no reason to issue a flood warning on large rivers like Gudbrandsdalslågen, says hydrologist Elin Langsholt. duty in NVE.

They believe heavy rains will hit small rivers and streams, leading to erosion damage in small watersheds.

– Great work to be done

Inland County is responsible for the bridge.

– It is important for us and the road authorities that the E6 opens soon, but there is a lot of work to be done. Additionally, he says, risk assessments should be done before we start so that more injuries don’t occur.

Raiseng says they will now carry out recent inspections of all wooden bridges in the interior.

– Check that it’s absolutely safe – because it should be.

Need external inspection

Several sources NRK spoke to said that recently heavy vehicles have experienced unusual movements while driving over the bridge.

The Swedish Road Administration and Inland County have launched an external investigation into Monday’s Tretton Bridge collapse, the Swedish Road Administration wrote in a press release.

– We must have a thorough and independent review of this incident. Driving on Norwegian roads should be safe. That’s why it’s important to get to the bottom of the matter, says road director Ingrid Dahl Hovland.

An independent expert panel has now been constituted.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has initiated an overview of the inspection and activities of other bridges with similar construction with the relevant counties. Inland County owns and maintains the Tretten Bridge, which was built by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in 2012.

13 bridges collapsed in Oyer on Monday morning.

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