June 25, 2022


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It’s not real – ITavisen

Krafton is the South Korean company that launches the upcoming PUBG Callisto Protocolbut they are looking for new technology and have sniffed at NFTs.

Anna is the electronic influencer of Krafton

This time around, it is about a virtual human who will establish the company in the Web3 ecosystem loosely defined by Wikipedia as “a decentralized network based on blockchain technology.”

The company uses a lot of fancy words without really revealing them How They do this outside of the Unreal platform, but presumably she can sing (a feature because she has her own album) and speak “just like a human.”

Her name is Anna and she looks like this:

Machine learning is integrated into Ana technology.

Anna will be present at the eSports event

The goal of Ana is to create a digital celebrity that Generation Z (people born in the mid-90s and early 2000s will flock to). At least that’s what Josh Seokjin Shin of Crafton’s creative department is hoping for.

From now on, Anna will release an album and find a place to increase interest in her in “various entertainment and esports.”

See how Krafton uses Unreal to create amazing digital faces:

The tiniest hair strands can be seen using the graphics engine specially designed for the face.

Ana is made using the MetaHuman tool from Unreal Engine: