-It's wonderfully inspiring

-It's wonderfully inspiring

Darar Bilgen: Per Arne Glorvigen, John Malkovich Borrows Bandoneon. Photo: Ragnhild Margrethe Anggard

Per Arne Glorvigen performs with John Malkovich: -⁠ He has a magical voice, says the Norwegian musician about the Hollywood legend.

The 59-year-old, from Dover, is among the world's best players of the bandoneon, the original German accordion used to play the Argentine tango.

John Malkovich (70 years old) is an American actor who was twice nominated for an Academy Award and participated in more than 70 feature films.

During the International Theater Festival in Cyprus, Glorvigen was part of the trio that accompanied Malkovich during “The Notorious Ramirez Hoffman.”

“He's very inspiring to work with and a lot of fun,” Glorvigen says of the man he previously knew through cult films like Being John Malkovich.

Veteran actor
Veteran actor

John Malkovich (70)

The show, which went to sold-out houses in Cyprus, is based on a magical realist short story by Chilean Roberto Bolaño and music by Astor Piazzolla.

The Argentine musician and composer made the bandoneon famous. The meeting with Piazzolla in 1988 was decisive in Glorvigen's career.

Dufringen was invited to accompany Bolaño's script read by Malkovich.

-His voice is hypnotic. He lets the music take the big swings and focuses on the words. Without shouts and facts, he has the audience in the palm of his hand.

Cocktail notes

Glorvigen says he went into the first rehearsal with Malkovich with great respect.

He received us professionally and friendly and was very skilled at giving praise. Thanks for the beautiful game. We spent many enjoyable evenings together.

-Do you have any good stories from the restaurant table?

– I just want to say that when Malkovich orders a cocktail, the bartender should have a notepad ready. He knows what he wants, and it's more complicated than a gin and tonic.

Many people crowded around after the musical, Glorwegen says.

– Malkovich was friendly and signed autographs. But when a fan wanted to take pictures with him, he just said: “I don't take selfies”…

Musical Theatre: Per Arne Glorwegen, Alyssa Margolis and Anastasia Terenkova performed with John Malkovich in Cyprus. Photo: Ragnhild Margrethe Anggard

Malkovich is still active as an actor, but he also works a lot in Germany where he performs in various shows where he reads scripts to music.

– A little surprised

The production will premiere in Cyprus, and will tour Europe when Malkovich finds a place on a tight schedule.

– It will be at the end of the year at the earliest. Norway may also be related, Glorvigen says.

He himself is looking forward to celebrating his 60th birthday at Opera Den Norske on October 13. Then he plays with a large orchestra and the best tango dancer in the world, Miguel Angel Zotto.

– I feel a little “amazed” when I work with Malkovich and Zotto. “They are artists I've admired my whole life,” says the band's musician from Dover.

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