John McAfee died in prison after the extradition

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John McAfee died in a Spanish prison after being sentenced to death

File Photo: McAfee Crypto Group Co-Founder and Luxcore CEO and McAfee Anti-Virus Founder John McAfee speaks at the Malta Blockchain Summit in St. Julian's

John McAfee


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Software entrepreneur John McAfee committed suicide in a Spanish prison. The court had earlier ordered his extradition to the United States. There he was accused of tax evasion.

D.Anti-virus software entrepreneur John McAfee died in prison in Spain. A spokesman for the judiciary in the region of Catalonia said on Wednesday that he had “apparently committed suicide”. The regional government of Catalonia announced on Wednesday that guards at the Brians 2 detention center near Barcelona were trying to revive a 75-year-old man. It said the cause of death was beyond doubt and had not yet been determined. The autopsy should definitely come.

A few hours ago, Spain’s Supreme Court ordered the 75 – year – old to be deported to the United States. There, the British-American programmer was accused of tax evasion, fraud with cryptocurrencies and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

McCaffy was arrested at Barcelona airport in 2020. At the inquest, McAfee accused the charges against him of being politically motivated. Most recently, he lost as the Libertarian Party’s candidate in the 2020 U.S. presidential election; His main campaign title was to promote cryptocurrencies. McAfee may have appealed to the court for extradition.

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A lawyer in the US state of Tennessee has accused McCaffie of tax evasion. It is alleged that he did not report the proceeds of a consulting operation and the sale of the rights to the speaking works and his life story for documents. The charges are related to three tax years from 2016 to 2018, according to a court ruling on Wednesday. Imprisonment for up to 30 years for tax offense.

McAfee will “always be remembered as a fighter,” said his Chicago-based lawyer, Nishay Sanon. “He tried to love this country, but the US government made his presence impossible. They tried to free him, but they failed.” Sanon wanted to know if there were video cameras in McAfee’s cell or prison.

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In a last-known media interview, McCuffy said his experience in a Spanish prison in November was a “spectacular adventure.” He has no plans to return to the United States, McAfee told the British newspaper The Independent.

McAfee is considered a pioneer in the development of antivirus software. John McAfee had already sold his stake in 1994 to a company named Intel. Nearly ten years ago, McAfee hit the headlines for murder charges and his life in Belize, Central America.

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