Jordan Henderson Football | Pictures of Jordan Henderson being ridiculed: – He didn’t go for the money

Jordan Henderson Football |  Pictures of Jordan Henderson being ridiculed: – He didn’t go for the money

It became clear this summer that Jordan Henderson was done with Liverpool and wanted to continue his career at the Saudi Al-Ettifaq. Afterwards, he stated that he did not feel wanted at the Premier League club, but was sorry if anyone was disappointed by the choice he made.

Henderson also stated that he hopes to help bring about positive change in the Middle East.

Smile for pictures

However, it seems unclear how many people have actually noticed the star’s presence. Right now, there shouldn’t be too many people at a football match. This recently became a topic on the “Upshot” podcast. The podcast is relatively unknown, but the topic seems interesting. More than half a million people watched the clip from one episode.

– Have you seen the pictures of Jordan Henderson playing in front of 976 fans? He is asked at the beginning.

Then photos of the smiling stands spark laughter in the studio.

– Jordan Henderson insisted that he did not go to Saudi Arabia because of the money. He wants to build a legacy and change things. Well, he’s changed things for 976 people, says one broadcaster, continuing:

– In comparison, it is below average for the club in the National League that has the fewest spectators, Boreham Wood.

He gets a huge salary

Boreham Wood is said to house over a thousand people per match on average.

According to Transfermarkt, Al-Ettifaq averages around 6,000 fans in the stands per match, but this time they played against Abha FC and the interest wasn’t supposed to be that high.

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– But he didn’t go for the money, certainly not. He’s gone for the skies, the Upshot hosts joke.

Tore Hansen, at the Norwegian Liverpool Supporters Club, does not hesitate to discuss Henderson’s move to Saudi Arabia.

It is clear that Jordan never grew up dreaming of playing in the Saudi Professional League. No sooner had he heard the agreement than they knocked on the door and placed a fat necklace on the table. With the move, he turned down big nights at Anfield, away games in Europe and more games in the famous red shirt in the best league in the world. In front of the full stands. He replaced this with a highly lucrative contract with a tax-free salary, Hansen tells Netafsen.

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The video clip talking about the Al-Ettifaq match was watched by more than half a million people. It seems that not everyone agrees that the photos are “embarrassing” for Henderson.

“He’s still on £700k a week. I’m sure he’s the one laughing,” one person wrote in the comments section.

Another wrote: “I would play cardboard characters if I was making $700,000 a week.”

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Henderson will therefore receive a weekly salary of just over nine million Norwegian kroner. He is one of many big stars who have joined clubs in the Middle East in the past year.

Hansen believes the former Liverpool player could have been honest about the background of the move to Saudi football.

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– The league does not maintain a high sporting standard and the number of spectators is small. Everyone realizes that it is the financial package that attracts Henderson and other players to the league. So it’s okay to just say so – even if many people don’t agree with that choice. The truth is that Jordan chose to collect the golden pension early. It won’t change the world.

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