Jordan Louise Johnson’s watermelon filter has gone viral on TikTok

Jordan Louise Johnson’s watermelon filter has gone viral on TikTok

All over the world, millions of people have posted videos about watermelon. Then the filter reached its limit for TikTok.


It started with an idea, and ended with millions of views and thousands of dollars to donate to Gaza relief efforts.

American Jordan Louise Johnson (27 years old) says that her watermelon filter can be used so widely that it is temporarily unavailable.

– It was absolutely wild, she tells VG.

Every day she would provide updates on how much money the filter had made. Since Johnson posted the TikTok filter at the beginning of November, it has been used more than 8.5 million times.

Creating a TikTok with the filter has become a way for many to show support To residents Gaza. For many, it was important to show support after civilians were killed.

It has been adopted by many celebrities. Among others, the Norwegian artists Aurora – who took over 2.5 million views On his TikTok.

“It went very quickly,” Johnson says.

– It’s incredible to see that something I created has reached so many people around the world, all for a good cause.

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This makes money. Success brings several thousand dollars.

Johnson is currently working yearyearAR stands for Augmented Reality, a technology that adds something digital to real images. – Creates. I made a watermelon filter and then called it the Forever Filter. And every time it’s used, the 28-year-old gets paid TikTok creator software.TikTok creator software.US users who create and post filters in TikTok can earn up to $14,000 if the video is used by at least 200,000 TikTokers within 90 days.

– Like many others, I followed what happened and tried to find a way to show support.

The maximum has been reached

The idea came when I heard someone else was doing something similar: make money by creating a viral filter and then donating the money.

The day after seeing the idea, the filter was ready. But what happened when the filter went viral?

– She says she has reached the maximum of what you can earn in 10 days.

VG talked to her shortly after reaching the limit. She has a new plan.

In mid-December, she donated the $14,000 TikTok pays her to use the filter.

From day one, it was planned to donate the proceeds to organizations providing assistance to the residents of the Gaza Strip – as a collective contribution from everyone who used the watermelon filter.

Support: 27-Year-Old Candidate is a simple game where you combine watermelon seeds with a slice of watermelon.  Symbolism for those who use it carries the most weight.

– Thanks to everyone who used it. This shows the power of social media and the potential to use it for good, she says in one of her latest posts Tik Tok.

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She also showed how others could make their own filters to do the same, as well as toying with the idea of ​​new felts to raise new funds.

to times She told Johnson that she had received a request to create a new filter to raise more money for Gaza, but also for other conflicts happening in Congo and Sudan.

– Temporarily unavailable

Johnson says some people have contacted her because they didn’t receive the filter.

– TikTok said it could be because there is too much traffic making the filter temporarily unavailable or they haven’t updated their app.

Do you have any advice for other young people who want to try to make a difference in society?

– My advice is to use your talents. She says: I believe that there are many ways to make a change in society, and many ways that we have not yet discovered, and she adds:

– Before this filter, I didn’t think it would have the impact it has now.

Old code

The use of watermelon as a symbol of Palestinian solidarity is not new. Use of the symbol dates back to 1967, when Israel made the Palestinian flag illegal during the Six-Day War.

Watermelon has the same colors as the Palestinian flag: red, black, white and green.

This use is no less important today, as many believe that apps like TikTok, Instagram, and X are hiding content about the attacks now occurring in Gaza.

Many of them have Meta was accused of removing content related to Palestine.

    New goals: Johnson says she's received several ideas for new purposes for which female candidates can raise money.  Photo: private
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