Kahoot is more popular than TikTok and Apple – E24

Kahoot is more popular than TikTok and Apple – E24

Young people in Europe put Kahoot third when ranking the brand names they like, according to a recent survey. The Norwegian tech company can only see itself defeated by Nike and Netflix.

Kahoot is rising as a popular brand among young adults, according to a new survey.
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This week, the US analysis agency Ypulse, which specializes in researching trends among young people, released the results of a A new survey of branding among young people in Western Europe.

The analysis agency asked young adults in the 13-39 age group to look at 800 different brand names and rank them on various criteria, including how cool they thought the brands were. According to Ypulse, young people think brands are cool when they are “unique and stand out from the competition.”

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Word of mouth marketing

And what brand names does Gen Z and Millennials is the coolest?

At the top is sports giant Nike, followed by streaming service Netflix.

Just below the two American giants, in third place above, among others, Apple and TikTok, we find the Norwegian Kahoot, which most people associate with tests and so-called e-learning.

“It’s really great how Kahoot has grown into a beloved brand among people of all ages who enjoy learning, whether in the classroom, at work or at home,” Kahoot managing director Eilert Hanoa wrote in an email to E24.

Eilert Hanoa CEO at Kahoot.

The company has no marketing campaigns and acknowledges that its placement on the list came as a positive surprise.

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– The unique strength of the Kahoot brand is built solely through the commitment and expertise that Kahoot gaming provides, word of mouth And the spread of the virus, Hanwha says.

Here, according to Ypulse, are the most popular brand names among young people in Europe:

  1. Nike
  2. Netflix
  3. Kahoot!
  4. an Apple
  5. Tik Tok
  6. Instagram
  7. coca cola
  8. PayPal
  9. Youtube
  10. foot locker
  11. Playstation 5
  12. Savage x Fenty
  13. Adidas
  14. Pringles
  15. SimpleClub

Stock market crash

Kahoot is listed on the Stock Exchange in Oslo and is a popular share among private investors on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The 2022 figures show that the company is the 10th most popular company for private shareholders to own shares in.

However, the stock has gained momentum after it reported preliminary results for the fourth quarter earlier this year. Although paying customers increased, revenue growth was lower than expected.

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