Kanye West: – Kim surprised with the similar look

Kanye West: - Kim surprised with the similar look

There are a few marriages, and divorces later, as much has been written about them between them Kim Kardashian (41) and Kanye West (44). Despite the fact that they moved after the breakup, it still looks like it The latter is doing everything in his power to restore Pardon.

It’s unknown if appearing in public with Kim’s “look alike” is part of the plan, but the rapper has at least made more people open their eyes in recent days.


Many foreign media, including Sixth pageIn fact, she posted pictures of Kanye with a woman who strikingly resembles the reality star.

The mystery woman is said to be Shani Jones, and the duo was recently photographed together shopping in Bal Harbor, Miami.

UUUPs: Eight-year-old North West, daughter of former celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is livestreaming on her TikTok account without permission. Video: @KimandNorth / TikTok
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Sources revealed to the website that the two, who are not known if they were more than friends, stopped Balenciaga before eating sushi for lunch.

However, there should be no courtship between the rapper and Shani.

– Kanye was surrounded by fans in Bal Harbor stores waiting for pictures. The source continues: He took a little, but seemed uninvolved.

Strikingly similar

Many media outlets have noticed the similarity between Chanye and Kim Kardashian. The former, who has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, also shared several photos where the resemblance is astounding.

Her style can also on several occasions resemble that of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” star.

new romances

As mentioned earlier, Kanye and his ex-wife moved in after the divorce.

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The first was, as is known, in a short relationship with Actress Julia Fox (32) until recentlyMen’s Kim has been linked to 13-year-old comedian Pete Davidson (28) since last fall.

Constant contact: French Montana is still in contact with ex-Kholee Kardashian. Reporter: Emma Cecilia Erickson
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