Karina Dahl, Fraud | Karina Dahl went on to review: – Is “fat” tiring

Karina Dahl, Fraud |  Karina Dahl went on to review: – Is “fat” tiring

Last year, Spelman-nominated artist Carina Dahl, 38, had a growing fraud problem.

A number of profiles have been created in Dal's name on social media, but it is not the artist himself who is behind these profiles.

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Although Dahl constantly warns his followers about fake users, many of them have lost their way and been scammed out of money. Additionally, the 38-year-old became angry that her name was being dragged through the mud.

Now the actress has taken the necessary measures, and the matter is now in the hands of the police.

– Very angry

It has almost become a sport to create fake profiles in the name of 38-year-old Karina Dahl.

For almost two years, the artist has been bothered by strangers pretending to be her on the Internet, and scammers have managed to scam many people.

“This has been going on for a long time, and I was very tired,” Karina Dahl tells Netafisin.

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Every day you receive dozens of messages from known and unknown people wondering whether these users are really them or not.

The “Best på fest” singer does not hide that it made her see red:

-I got so angry and fed up. I am very surprised that there are so many people who do not realize that it is a scam. She says and adds:

– It is very annoying to me that my name is distorted in this way.

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The people behind the fake profiles send a series of messages, especially to strange men. The messages are often of a sexual nature, which frustrates the singer.

“Quite a few wives wonder why Karina Dahl sends sleazy messages to their husbands,” she says, grinning at how unnatural it is.

He scammed hundreds of thousands

But this issue is not something that Karina Dahl laughs about too much.

Only raw messages are not sent. Scammers also ask for money, and the 38-year-old cites an example where a fake user allegedly asked fans for money because the artist's “career is at stake.”

He has bitten many people, she says:

– Unfortunately, there are many people who bribe them with money, she says and continues:

– They defrauded countless people out of a large sum of money. We're talking hundreds of thousands.

The artist received several letters from people who tipped people posing as Dahl, the amount ranging from NOK 1,000 to NOK 20,000.

– Obviously, continuing with my name is crazy. The fact that people want to give “mine” money is very strange, she says, adding that it is sad that people fall victim to such scams.

Under police investigation

There is no doubt that the fraud case was a huge stressor for Dahl. The 38-year-old's busy daily life and artistic career don't leave much time, but she has recently had to make time for police meetings.

She says the case is under investigation and has already yielded results.

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Dal reveals that she knows two of the identities of those behind the fake accounts, a man and a woman on opposite sides.

“We have names, numbers and addresses, so it will be very interesting to follow up on more,” says Dahl.

Now the 38-year-old is hoping the scam will finally end:

-I'm very tired “fat”, so the most important thing for me is for it to stop. It just has to stop now.

Dahl sympathizes with those who have been exposed to the scam, and hopes that no one else will be exposed to it in the future.

– It is very bad to hear that people have been misled, and it is very important that people understand that this is done in such a way that more people are not deceived.

However, Dahl is not the only one who has been subjected to fraud attempts. Last year, a number of other well-known figures were exposed to the same thing, including Harald Runeberg (49 years old), Guru Solberg, and Aurora Judd (32 years old).

The latter also went to report after being abused in one of them. The police eventually dropped the case, which the influencer was very upset about.

-I felt like I was thrown under the bus. I did not receive any comments from the police on what to do. Jude said in a previous interview with Netafisin: It was just a layoff, that's all.

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