Katie Holmes: – Anger: – How dare you?

Katie Holmes: - Anger: - How dare you?

Trends come and go, and even the ugliest and least flattering trends can seem to come back to haunt us.

Celebrities often feature the latest in the fashion world, and this time Dra Katie Holmes (43) SoAD has brought back a trend that many thought would remain in the archives. Australian Reports News.

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going viral

Most recently, the 43-year-old attended iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball at New York’s Madison Square Garden, and on that occasion appeared on the red carpet in an outfit that not many have seen in a while – which has now gone viral.

Holmes was wearing a navy blue strapless crop top that came to her thighs, along with olive straight-leg pants and black sneakers.

Reasons to Pay Attention: This is the outfit that is now making Katie Holmes go viral.  Photo: Andy Krupa/Invision/AP/NTB

Reasons to Pay Attention: This is the outfit that is now making Katie Holmes go viral. Photo: Andy Krupa/Invision/AP/NTB
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Many people are probably immediately taken back to the time before Instagram, when celebrities like Hilary Duff and Mischa Barton graced the red carpets wearing miniskirts that were sparkling over their shorts. The news refers to that time period as the “Era of the Hills,” a reference many ’90s kids probably buy into.

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– misbehaviour

But despite looking back at the time of youth, there are not many positive comments on Twitter.

“This trend has been showing its ugly face for years, and honestly how dare Katie Holmes be sassy enough to try to bring it back,” wrote one, who attached screenshots of other outfits in the same style.

“Unfortunately, I can’t comment on Katie Holmes’ clothing + pants collection because I also lived through the early 2000s and made decisions that I regret,” recalls another.

A third says, “Katie Holmes stood up and decided it was 2002,” while a fourth went so far as to say the actor should be “punished.”

Katie Holmes should be in jail for this.

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