Andreas “Tex” Hockland: – It’s probably not easy being my girlfriend

Andreas “Tex” Hockland: – It’s probably not easy being my girlfriend

It must be nice not to know who the successful artist is Andreas Hookland (29), also known as “Tix”, is.

Over the past few years, Haukeland has gone from being a Russell songwriter to becoming a much more popular musician, and Watched, among others “Lindmo” and “Everytime We Meet”.

However, the artist has kept his private life close to his chest, telling Dagbladet in 2019 that he’s at the bottom of all the attention he receives otherwise. Therefore, the little privacy he has left is of great value to him.

In an episode of the podcast «Tone theft» Led by the merging tun (34) except that it lightens the veil a bit.

Declaration of love: Artist Andreas Hockland, or “Tex,” dedicated the song “Deg Eller Ingenting” to Marth Brain, whom he met at the “Paradise Hotel.”
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Here, the artist says he’s single and doing well at the moment.

– It is the first time that I feel completely satisfied and very happy with my marital status, then. He says I am very happy with exactly where I live.

Hectic schedule

Being one of the biggest artists in the country naturally means that you have a relatively hectic schedule to deal with.

He thinks a potential girlfriend will also notice.

Maybe it’s not easy being my girlfriend. I don’t think so, because I struggle so much with time, he says on the podcast.

– At the same time, I think it’s easier to be my friend now than it was a few years ago. I think I have girlfriends I have to commend for the time they get pregnant, and I’m so thankful for him putting up with me for the time we have, he continues honestly.

Confident: Andreas Hockland, better known as the artist Tex, is not afraid to be commended for his musical abilities. Video: Late Night with Helen and Stian on TV2 Tonight.
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Speaking to Dagbladet, he explained that it took him time to get used to life as an artist, and the lifestyle that goes with that.

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Perhaps the hardest thing is that you are always looking for the next level, and you never succeed in neglecting it because you always have a goal to become bigger. There is always more work to prioritize, which makes it difficult to take the time to sit on the couch, relax, and have a normal conversation.

However, Haukeland believes that in a place where time constraints and pressures would be less of an issue. He also believes that this will make life with a potential girlfriend easier.

– Now I’m in a place where I find myself more at home in my league. I don’t feel like I have much to prove anymore, and I’ve completed the goals I set for myself. Now it’s easier for me to prioritize something other than work, and I think that’s great.

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Despite the fact that the 29-year-old said he was in a good place as a single person, he didn’t close the doors when it came to dating. However, he does not stress.

– It can only happen when it does, and then it will certainly be very nice, he says before adding:

– But I learned that in order to find love, you have to look for the places where love is. And these are not always the places I am.

He dreams of becoming a father

Tix makes no secret of the fact that he has achieved most of his dreams in music, and says he will encourage others in the future.

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in However, in an interview with Dagbladet last year, he opened up About another dream he had.

romantic: Iselin Guttormsen and Catalin Andrei Mihu found the tune “Shal vi danse”, which led to a lot of rumors. Reporter: Jenny Emily S. Video: Selena Morkin.
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– I dream of becoming the father of a little boy or girl, for me this is a very beautiful thing. He said then, I hope to give it a try.

At the same time, the artist said that, most likely, this will not happen in the near future.

– No, heh, there’s a long way to go. Before I become a father, I must find a mother. To find her, I have to make myself available, said Hawkland.

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