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DUEL: Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) fights against himself in “Alone at Home” and “Alone at Home 2: Abandoned in New York.”

It is now approaching the battle to become the best Christmas movie ever. “Alone at home” 1 and 2 fight each other, and only good margins separate the strong contenders into the semi-finals.


through several Tournament style preliminary roundsWe’re running a new line of Christmas movies of all time. There, VG readers themselves vote for the winners.

The films you meet are determined by lot.

In the quarter-finals was A nerve-wracking encounter Between “Love Actually” and “Three Nuts for Cinderella” which for a long time were equivalent to 50% of the vote each.

At midnight Friday, it looked like it was a tie, but a closer look at the numbers showed “Three Nuts for Cinderella” was the winner with 11,782 votes to 11,667 for “Love Actually.” Only 115 votes were identified.

Here you can vote for the finalists by midnight on December 19:

“Alone at Home” (1990), Disney +, HBO Max, Netflix, Viaplay

Chris Columbus directed the first (and second) movie in which Macaulay Culkin plays Kevin McAllister, a boy who is forgotten at home when the whole family travels for Christmas to Paris. What begins as a solo house party soon becomes even more terrifying when he challenges the home’s peacekeepers. This clowning show with the young hero has become a Christmas tradition for many.

Classic: Many should see Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McAllister before Christmas.

“Alone at Home 2: Abandoned in New York” (1992), Disney +, Viaplay

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If you don’t get enough of the mood to see Kevin McAllister leave the house while the family goes to Paris, the fade continues the following year when Kevin ends up in a New York hotel before Christmas. In the sequel, Kevin has to fight the same villains, and Donald Trump and a mysterious lady meet pigeons.

Follow-up: Many should also see Culkin in “Alone at Home 2: Abandoned in New York” before Christmas.

Vote for your favorite 1/2:

“Three Nuts for Cinderella” (1973), iTunes

Up to several generations of Norwegians have grown up with this German-Czech film about a very energetic and capable Cinderella who gives the prince resistance in several areas. It was first broadcast on NRK in 1975, and in 1978 the voice of narrator Knut Resan was placed above the original voices.

ORIGINAL: Libuse Safránkova as Cinderella in the Christmas classic “Three Nuts for Cinderella.”

«Flåklypa Grand Prix» (1975), Viaplay, iTunes, SF Anytime

The original film featuring Ivo Caprino’s stop-motion animation has mesmerized several generations with the incredible Grand Prix action and Kjell Aukrust’s ongoing comedy. In 2005 it became It’s called the Norwegian Film of the Century I am VG.

Nervus: The racing scene at the “Flåklypa Grand Prix” is still top notch.

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