The stage was stormed during Melodifestivalen

The stage was stormed during Melodifestivalen
Tempest: This is where production has to step in.

Activists stormed the stage during Lorraine (39)’s performance at Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s Melody Grand Prix. After performing the feature again, I’m now in the final.


The Swedish team is in full swing with the semi-finals, and on Saturday Lorraine, the star of “Euphoria”, the grand winner from 2012, was among those who were on fire.

The 39-year-old and his song “Tattoo” have been among Sweden’s biggest favorites so far. Loreen also enjoys icon status with Eurovision fans in Europe.

However, her performance on Saturday was cancelled. Images from the broadcast showed someone storming the stage holding a sign, and apparently some security guards had to intervene:

According to Expressen, there should be a climate message on the label.

Four people have now been arrested in connection with the incident, Ricard Lundqvist, press officer for the Southern Police District, told Expressen.

– There are four people on stage who shouldn’t have been there. He adds that the police are taking care of them.

A short time later, Loreen was able to turn the feature back on.

Lauren’s performance stalled and viewers didn’t get to experience it as intended. So we decided to let her perform it in its entirety again, Anders Wistbacka, Melodifestivalen Project Director, tells SVT.

He says they don’t know exactly what happened, but they are investigating.

Lorraine was allowed to perform her piece again – and it later advanced to the Melodifestivalen final.

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EUROVISION CELEBRITY: Lauren, here during tonight’s semi-finals.

Bloody injury in exercise

It also went wrong during the exercise, as Lauren injured one of her ten-centimeter nails, Expressen writes.

The smoky quartz nail loosened and inflicted a bloody wound on the artist’s finger.

– What don’t you do for art, Lauren said then.

However, she ends up changing her nails, but for nails of the same length – ones made of stone, too.

– It is an important part of the figure, and it is the detail that connects with nature

Votes leaked

The lead-up to Saturday’s semi-final was marked by the fact that a full recording of Lauren’s performance at the dress rehearsal was leaked. to broadcast.

Aftonbladet He wrote about how regulators are working hard to track down the source and stop the performance from spreading.

It’s been 11 years since Lorraine, or Lorraine Zeynep Noka Talhaoui as she’s actually called, secured Sweden’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan.

do you remember? Lauren had to change her clothes after an onlooker storm

In 2017 she tried again, but that time she was knocked out of luck at the second chance.


In an earlier version of this case, it is said that it has been seven years since Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest. The correct number is 11 years old. Corrected at 21.42 Sat Feb 25 2023.

Nail Decoration: Lauren has a very special decoration on the fingers.

The dolphin final was the fourth in a row, before the Swedes staged a semi-final on March 4 and a grand final on March 11.

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Norwegian Markus & Martinus have already secured a place in the final with the song “Air”.

Other Swedish contributions have also been leaked online and spread on social media, including performances by Marcus and Martinus.

According to Swedish regulations, no songs will be distributed until all semi-finalists have been completed.

Ukraine has been the Eurovision favourite, so far. But at the weekend, Sweden crept in Probability checker. Ukraine now ranks second, followed by Finland in third and Norway in fourth.

Sweden is up on the ante itself semi-final The entry was chosen, linked to the fact that Sweden is the country that won the second place (six) in the Eurovision Song Contest – after Ireland (seven times).

Looking back when Loreen won — check out VGTV:

When VG interviewed Lauren after winning in 2012, we asked her if she thought success would change her:

– Oh no, it’s not easy to change me. But things around me are changing, replied the 33-year-old, who stood barefoot on the Eurovision stage because she wants to be “down to earth”.

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