Kato Zal Pedersen had requirements before sharing “Farmen kendis”.

Kato Zal Pedersen had requirements before sharing “Farmen kendis”.

50 years ago, 64-year-old Kato Zal Pedersen's life was turned upside down when he climbed a high-voltage pole. Last summer, he told Dagbladet about the incident.

– My heart survived 17,000 volts. It's no wonder, then, that you use your energy to be happy to be alive, rather than sad about losing your arms, among other things.

Eileen's fatigue was deadly

Today, the athlete lives with a hook in his right arm that helps him in his daily life. He said the hook works in a way similar to Pedersen's Saturn hand.

This week he was among the celebrities who moved to Li's farm in Tangen in the municipality of Stange, as one of the participants in the “Farmen kjendis”.

mistake: 'Farmen Kjindis' has only just begun, and the first injury of the year is a reality. An injury that causes permanent damage, even after the end of the farm's life. “Highlights of the year,” says one participant. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Jonas Hammer/Rud Lauper/TV2
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When Dagbladet met him in connection with the premiere, Zal Pedersen said he had some requirements before he agreed to travel 100 years back in time.

– I said, “I wish you would do something with the concept of competition so that I wouldn't have to go up against anyone in an axe throw” and that it would be fair. They said they should take that into account, and I think they did, says the 64-year-old.

- Glad we agreed

– Glad we agreed

Competition changes have now been made in both the regular “Farmen” edition and the Celebrity Edition. In the past it was man against man, and woman against woman. Now everyone can choose each other – regardless of gender.

– Maybe this was a golden opportunity to change the concept when they initially had to do something so that it wasn't just for me. He also says that physics between women and men is not always equally fair in all competitions.

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The second condition requires that Zahel Pedersen be in place to score.

behind: The 'Farm Celebrity' profile is no longer single. Video: Red Runner
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“I need a wheelbarrow with two wheels in front of her so she can balance,” I said. Otherwise the wheelbarrow will not be a useful tool. “There would be a lot of wheelbarrow driving to collect firewood, water and stone, and I wanted to participate and contribute to that, and then I had to have a two-wheeler,” he says.

According to the 64-year-old man, the wheelbarrow was in place.

– They succeeded, but it was too heavy. I don't understand why they had to make such a large and heavy donation, which in itself was very heavy. It was tiring enough, he laughs.

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