– People were confused – VG

- People were confused - VG

On Saturday, the stage was set for the Mascorama semi-finals.


Revealed herself, artist-songwriter Margaret Berger (36) said after revealing herself – I had a lot of fun, and I especially enjoyed a lot with people who were very confused.

She told VG that the confusion made it easy to hide the post.

– People were so confused that they didn’t masturbate. I spoke differently, and tried to put the songs at a different fare than I usually sing.

Stand by: Marion Raven guessed Nøkken is a professional artist, which turned out to be a fact.

So many of Nøkken’s hints were confused. In the introduction video, nature, tents and hints of outdoor life are shown.

“Are you a tour person?” asked host Selge Nordens.

– No, I hate tents. But I think people stopped at that tip, but then it was just a house with a pool.

– Klaus

Another hint that many have commented is that Nøkken is in love and has lived alone for a long time. To VG, she said this is far from the case today.

I have a roommate and kids, so I have all the love I need. Love-sick Nøkken is probably a character we tried to create – a slightly misunderstood monster, she says and adds:

– I have received so many letters from the children, and it is very comforting that there are so many who have fallen a little bit into this ugly beast.

She says it was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

– I also have items. It was one of the strangest experiences of my life.

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sang a duet

Four participants remain in this year’s “Maskorama” before tonight’s broadcast: Snømonsteret, Bamsen, Dragen and Nøkken.

In the end, it was clear that it was the latter who had to take off the mask, and therefore did not advance to the final.

The participants performed as usual on their own, but this evening they also sang duets with professional artists.

Those who have had the honor of singing in masks are former “Star Wars” winner Bilal Saab, artist Sandra Laing and last year’s “Maskorama” winner Ulrikke “Trollet” Brandstorp.

Additionally, Judge Marion Raven sang a duet with The Snow Monster.

Last year, Brandstrup fooled everyone when she was herself He appeared as a duo partner With Viking before Troll sings his song. So here anything can happen.

Update on tips? check here

VG Tor music critic Martin Bøe will be rolling the dice at the artists incessantly during tonight’s broadcast. Give your own rating to the celebrity in “Judging the People”:

Before tonight’s broadcast, expect 61 percent VG’s Maskorama Prophet That Victor Sutberg is hiding in a dragon’s costume. 53 percent think Bamsen is Ingeborg Walther.

the FrogAnd lucky pigAnd Mermaid And Nissen He actually had to leave the show, which includes singing, but he still doesn’t claim to be a singing competition

secret store enormous. Participants do not know who is competing. Host Selge Norden had no idea who was hiding behind the masks.

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