Kelly Clarkson on divorce: – The level of depression is very difficult

Kelly Clarkson on divorce: – The level of depression is very difficult

Artist and talk show host Kelly Clarkson, 41, is honest that she struggled with depression in the wake of her divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, 47.


The level of depression and what accompanies divorce or grief is very difficult. “You feel lonely,” Clarkson says. Interview with people.

She married Blackstock, 41, in 2013, and they have two children together. In 2020, it was learned that she filed for divorce from the music manager.

According to Clarkson, music was an important way to process emotions. Her latest album, “Chemistry,” deals with the topic of breakup.

– Finally, releasing the album was like regaining power, she told the magazine and added:

– It sounds very therapeutic, but that's because I love therapy and I think it's important to have those tools to navigate through life and your relationships.

Divorce: The former couple met through Blackstock's father and Clarkson's former manager, Narvel Blackstock, in 2006. Here from the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards.

Since winning “American Idol” in 2002, Clarkson has, among other things, contributed to numerous cartoons and appeared on a number of television shows – including a role as a judge on “The Voice.”

She is now watching the fifth season of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on NBC. She recently moved from Los Angeles to New York with her children to focus on the show.

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– Sometimes you don't know what life has in store for you, and you think that your life will go in a certain direction, and it's okay if that doesn't happen. “You never know how beautiful it can be,” she says in conclusion.

Watch a flashback of Clarkson in Washington, D.C. from 2014:

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