Subwoolfer, celebrity | Subwoolfer member “revealed” by fellow Eurovision: – Ben is a legend

Subwoolfer, celebrity |  Subwoolfer member "revealed" by fellow Eurovision: - Ben is a legend

One of the biggest talking points in recent months is who is hiding behind the masks in the Subwoolfer duo.

Previously, it was speculated whether Gaute OrmÃ¥sen (39) and Ben Adams (40) wore head-to-toe yellow to sing about grandmothers and bananas, and now it may seem that the latter’s involvement has finally been confirmed.

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When Sam Ryder, 32, who represented Great Britain during this year’s Eurovision final, visited the Magic Radio Breakfast on Wednesday, he was able to throw gasoline at the rumor mill about speculation about Briton Adams.

The case among others mentioned daily Mail.

– legend

In a radio interview, Ryder said he discovered Adams one day when he was eating at the buffet before the Eurovision final.

– Ben legend. I saw him pick up a croissant from the buffet one day, and I said, ‘Wait, what are you doing here?’ The long-haired Brit says I am very intrigued by the whole story.

Moreover, Ryder adds that he did not say anything to Adams, as he did not want to reveal that he knew who he was.

– So while I was talking to this guy in the wolf mask, I said to myself: I know you’re Ben from A1, but I don’t want to tell you that I know, says the 32-year-old in the interview.

This is Adams’ answer

On the other hand, Ben Adams does not want to confirm the statements of his Eurovision colleague. He says the following:

– I think there is a lot of speculation, so at some point there is so much speculation that I don’t quite know what to do with it. I can only say that many times I am not.

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– But I think he’s “in space”, so that’s probably where his head should be. But I actually think Subwoolfer is a pretty cool project, so if I had done it I wouldn’t have been embarrassed, adds the former Boyband star.

Subwoolfer’s spokesperson, Carl-Henrik Wahl, also did not want to confirm whether Adams was hiding behind one of the masks.

– I relate to the fact that we have Keith and Jim with us, and he says and continues:

Well, there’s a lot of thinking about who’s inside those masks, and there’s a lot of people claiming to know who it is. So I take it overwhelmingly calm, I mean, says Wahl.

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