Kevin Costner: – Confirms

Kevin Costner: – Confirms

After much speculation, Kevin Costner (69 years old) spoke Thursday about his future in “Yellowstone.”

New details: - He pleaded with the series creator

New details: – He pleaded with the series creator

John Dutton's character journey has come to an end.

“After working on 'Horizon' and spending time thinking about 'Yellowstone,' the show that you and I love, I realized that I wasn't going to continue with Season 5B,” Costner says in an Instagram video.

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The 69-year-old had one of the lead roles as John Dutton in the hit series, and was there for four and a half seasons.

– It really changed me. I loved it and I know you guys loved it. That's why I wanted to tell you that I won't be back.

Many fans:

Many fans: “Yellowstone” was a success. Photo: Sky Showtime
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Many people in the star's comments section were devastated by the message.

“Yellowstone won't be the same without you. I will miss seeing you in the series,” one commented.

- Many fans were disappointed

– Many disappointed fans

“That sucks.” Then another points out that they barely need to finish season 5 because no one can replace you.

Many still support Costner's choice, and praise him for his honesty.

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“It was nice of you to let the fans know what's going on with Yellowstone. You're a real guy and you care about the fans.”

It is not known what will happen to John Dutton's character. 5B is the second part of the series' final season, which is scheduled to arrive in November.

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