Christmas movie | Hollywood giant buys film from Larvik director

Christmas movie |  Hollywood giant buys film from Larvik director

The film will now be released very quickly in the US before Christmas.

– To my knowledge, this is the first time a Norwegian film has been sold to one of the major American studios, says producer Jurgen Storm Rosenberg of 74 Entertainment in a press release.

-It makes me so proud.

Comfortable chills

So “There’s Something in the Barn” is directed by Larvik-based director Martin Martens. With Martens, among others, Kalle Hellevang Larsen and Henriette Steenstrup. There are also many well-known American actors in the cast list.

– This is a horror film and a comedy at the same time, and it is also a family film and a Christmas film. It’s a mixture of everything,” Martens told ØP ahead of the November 10 premiere.

The film’s events revolve around an American family who inherited a farm deep in a valley in Norway, where they are scheduled to settle. But barn dwarves often live on Norwegian farms. Santa Claus is a traditional type who doesn’t like change and modern things. So when a rowdy American family comes over, he doesn’t just get angry, he gets really angry.


Now the craze has also been unleashed in the United States. Magnus Martens stated in the press release that there are several reasons why he is excited about the US launch.

We’ve never hidden the fact that American Christmas movies inspired us. Not least “Gremlins,” but also “Help, It’s Christmas Vacation!” And “Home Alone.” We look forward to seeing how they react to the references set in the Norwegian context, he says.

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Martens is satisfied with bringing an important part of Norwegian cultural history to the world.

– Fjøsnissen is a uniquely Norwegian character, and would likely be viewed as somewhat exotic in other markets. Although here we are showing the goblin in a movie of sorts, we have also done some work to properly represent this figure based on Norwegian folklore.

In addition to Norway and North America, there will also be launches in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Greece and more. The film has already been released in Australia and the Nordic countries.

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